The 10 Wealthiest Rappers in The World and How Much Money They Have?

who is the richest rapper in the world

Nothing is more enjoyable than updating this list every six months when fresh data becomes available. We incorporate all of the information we can from publicly available sources, even if it’s typically the same players moving up or down one or two positions based on new investments.

Although it may not be exact, it is really near. As you read on, you’ll discover something that will inspire you as a budding rapper:

  • Rappers or hip-hop musicians can achieve tremendous fortune.
  • As your following and revenue develop, you may break into Hollywood, start other ventures like clothing lines, and make a variety of investments to significantly boost your fortune.
  • Due to the inclusion of two rappers in both, comparing this list to the most-streamed musicians of all time is also quite instructive. You’ll have to hazard a guess as to which ones.

While a grind, a hip-hop artist’s career is frequently more on connections than talent. Many rappers spit lyrics for years without ever finding success, but those who do have a strong possibility of making as of my current knowledge cutoff in February 2023, the top 10 richest rappers in the world are:

  1. Kanye West – $7.1 billion
  2. Jay-Z – $1.6 billion
  3. Diddy – $885 million
  4. Dr. Dre – $820 million
  5. Drake – $240 million
  6. Eminem – $240 million
  7. Master P – $250 million
  8. Pharrell Williams – $250 million
  9. Ice Cube – $160 Million
  10. Lil Wayne – $180 million

Please note that these estimates may not be completely accurate, and the net worth of these rappers may continue to change over time.

  • Kanye West Net Worth

Kanye West Net Worth

Forbes has certified Kanye’s net worth to be in the billions after he gave them documentation demonstrating how his ownership of Yeezy has skyrocketed his net worth.

Rapper, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and businessman Kanye West is from the United States. With a net worth of $7.1 billion, he is now the wealthiest rapper in the whole world.

  • Jay-Z Net Worth

Jay-Z Net Worth

American rapper and businessman Jay-Z hails from Brooklyn, New York. In actuality, Jay-wise Z’s investments in apparel lines, record labels, nightclubs, and other businesses have contributed the majority of his total fortune.

Up until 2023, when Kanye overtook Jay-Z as the richest rapper in the world, Jay-Z was the first rapper to surpass the billion-dollar net worth threshold.

Jay-Z is estimated to have a net worth of $1.6 billion as of February 2023.

  • Diddy Net Worth

Diddy Net Worth

In addition to rapping, producing, acting, and songwriting, Sean Combs is also a successful businessman. Combs, better known by his stage moniker “Diddy,” is among the wealthiest rappers in the world.

P Diddy was previously the richest rapper in the world for a long time before other people started to succeed in business, not only music.

P Diddy has an $885 million net worth as of February 2023.

  • Dr. Dre’s Net Worth

Dr. Dre Net Worth

One of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time is said to be Dr. Dre. In the 1980s, Andre Young began his career with N.W.A before going solo. Additionally, he is the creator of the “Beats by Dr. Dre” line, which was sold to Apple years ago for $3 billion.

With a net worth of $820 million, Dr. Dre is the fourth-richest rapper in the whole globe.

  • Drake Net Worth

Drake Net Worth

A rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor from Canada is named Aubrey Drake Graham. Early in the new millennium, Drake first became well-known as an actress in the adolescent drama television program Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Drake has also won six BET Awards and three Juno Awards in addition to his Grammy Awards. On the Hot Rap Songs, he has the most number-one hits.

This year, Drake’s net worth is projected to be $240 million.

  • Eminem Net Worth

Eminem Net Worth

Without a question, Eminem is the most popular white hip-hop performer of all time. He experienced a lot of racial animosities when he initially began battle rapping in Detroit since he was one of the few white rappers appearing at the events.

Bullying at school was another difficulty that Eminem experienced when he was younger. Growing up, he traveled a lot and found it difficult to form friends.

Given that he has grown to be the richest white rapper in the world and is to blame for completely revolutionizing the game, Eminem’s success story is astounding. Our year, Eminem’s net worth is $240 million, placing him at 5th on this list of the richest rappers in the world.

  • Master P Net Worth

Master P Net Worth

Rapper, actor, businessman, author, record producer, philanthropist, and former basketball player Percy Robert Miller hail from the United States. He established his own record company and serves as the company’s CEO. His multiple projects have made him one of the richest rappers in the world.

This year, Master P’s net worth is thought to be $250 million.

  • Pharrell Williams’s Net Worth

Pharrell Williams Net Worth

American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and producer of motion pictures Pharrell Williams.

Williams is the owner of I am Other, a multimedia creative collective and record label that houses entertainment, music, fashion, and art. Billionaire Boys Club is one of Williams’ many projects under this umbrella.

This year, Pharrell Williams’s net worth is thought to be $250 million.

  • Ice Cube Net Worth

Ice Cube Net Worth

American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and director of Ice Cube. He got his start in the industry with the C.I.A., a hip-hop group, and eventually moved on to the N.W.A.

After parting ways with N.W.A. in December 1989, he pursued acting and music as solo careers. Cube has appeared in a wide variety of movies, including “Boyz N the Hood,” “21 & 22 Jump Street,” “Barbershop,” and “Ride Along.”

The estimated 2018 Ice Cube net worth is $160 million.

  • Lil Wayne’s Net Worth

Lil Wayne Net Worth

Lil Wayne is a stage name for Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., a hip-hop recording artist, and novelist from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Lil Wayne was the youngest employee of Cash Money Records when he began his career there in 1991 at the age of nine. Since then, he has collaborated with many other well-known musicians and sold millions of records.

The estimated value of Lil Wayne’s fortune this year is $180 million.

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