Young Boy Never Broke Again’s Lawyer Confirms That YB’s House Arrest Hearing Is Not Happening Today!

Reports that YoungBoy Never Broke Again had a hearing today to decide if he gets out of house arrest are false.

On Thursday (March 9), news came out that a court hearing was held to decide if NBA YoungBoy will be let out of house arrest before his upcoming gun charges trial. The lawyer for YB has told the source that no such hearing took place.

In a statement to the source, the rapper’s lawyer said, “That information is wrong.” “The government’s writ challenging the district court’s decision to grant our motion to suppress was discussed today at the US Fifth circuit court of appeals.

Since there was a fight, no choice was made. The three judges will now look over the case and make a decision. No time frame. It might take weeks or even months. This has nothing to do with the rules of his supervision.”

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YB has been under house arrest in Salt Lake City, Utah, for more than a year. This is because he was arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in September 2020 and charged with drug possession, felony possession, and having a stolen gun.

nba youngboy house arrest hearing

YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell Gaulden, was one of 15 people taken into custody by the Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD). The BRPD went to the scene of a music video after getting calls from people who saw a group of men outside an abandoned house holding weapons while filming.

The people were said to be members of the Never Broke Again and Bottom Boy Guerillas street gangs. When the police arrived, some people had already left, but others were caught not too far away.

When the officers were allowed to search three of the cars, they found about three grams of marijuana and one dose of Hydrocodone in a clear bag inside the cars.

When the police searched the other cars, they found more guns, Xanax, digital scales, and handguns and rifles. Seven more guns were found nearby in the grass. One of them had been stolen from Texas.

NBA YoungBoy has said he won’t be found guilty. In March of last year, the rapper won in court when a judge threw out the video evidence in the case.

Since NBA Youngboy was put under house arrest in October 2021, a lot has happened. In California, where he was arrested in March 2021, he was found not guilty in a gun case last July. The 23-year-old rapper had a boy in September 2022, which was his 10th child.

On January 7, 2023, he married the child’s mother, Jazlyn Hayes Mychelle, in a private ceremony. He also put out a bunch of albums, the most recent of which was I Rest My Case.

YB has said that once the ankle bracelet comes off, he will join the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints, also called the Mormon Church or LDS Church.