Yung Miami Confidently Responds To Being Mocked for Her Acting On BMF

Since her debut on BMF, people made fun of Yung Miami’s acting skills, but she isn’t afraid to defend herself. After playing Deanna Washington for the first time on season two of the popular Starz TV show BMF on Friday (March 10), keyboard warriors all over social media made fun of Yung Miami’s acting skills, or what they thought was a lack of them.

In response, the City Girls rapper took the time on Friday to respond to the haters on both Twitter and Instagram.

When a Twitter user defended Yung Miami against the criticism she’s been getting by pointing out the Florida rapper’s impressive rise over the past few years, the Caresha Please rapper and podcaster told her supporter that she doesn’t really care what her critics think.

yung miami reacts acting bmf

“So Today Y’all Hating On @YungMiami305?” Cutty 803 sent a tweet about Yung Miami’s role on BMF. “She went from cheating, swindling, and so on… To rapping, hosting talk shows, and acting… Are you still mad? Damned if you do… Damned if you don’t! I love seeing people succeed in life, move up, and give their families the [world].”

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In less than a minute, Yung Miami answered: “More chances come their way the more they hate. For me, this is just the beginning.”

On Instagram, the “Good Love” rapper defended her acting skills in the comments section of The Shade Room’s post about the criticism she’s been getting about the now-viral BMF scene in which her character, Deanna Washington, cries a lot when she hears that her husband, Ty Washington, has died.

Yung Miami wrote, “Ty, whyyyyy.” “I’m so happy I’m crying. I’m telling you all, it was good!”

Yung Miami Confidently Reacts to Being Clowned for Her Acting on BMF

Caresha kept talking about her character’s sadness on Twitter by posting, “Why are you guys laughing if I’m crying? You guys play way too much.” When someone else on Twitter said that the teary scene in Yung Miami was funny, she again had time for a quick and touching response.

The person wrote on social media, “Caresha made me scream on BMF last night.” “She’s funny as hell.” “It wasn’t funny [side-eye emoji] lol,” said Yung Miami.


Yung Miami seems to be unfazed by the jokes about her acting skills, and the City Girls rapper seems to have the same cool, calm and collected attitude about her recent breakup with Diddy.

On March 8, Yung Miami confirmed that she is “single,” meaning she is no longer dating the Bad Boy Entertainment rapper executive. She doesn’t seem to mind, though.

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