Yung Miami’s BMF Scene Was Turned Into A “Hood Musical” By A Music Producer!

Yung Miami’s acting debut on BMF last week is a gift that keeps giving. People who want to make fun of the City Girls rapper’s lack of acting skills have made memes and videos. In the latest video to go viral, a music producer is making a “hood musical” out of a well-known scene.

On Monday night (March 13), Casadimusic, a TikTok user who is known for remixing viral videos, posted his latest work, which uses the BMF video that has the internet going crazy.

In the clip, BMF character Deanna Washington, played by Yung Miami, says her now-famous lines: “Meech, where’s my husband?” “Ty, why?” and “I want whoever did this to pay.” Casadimusic cuts up the vocals and puts them on top of an instrumental that sounds like a trap.

yung miami bmf scene hood musical

In the video below, you can watch the hilarious clip. After Yung Miami’s first appearance on the show on March 10, her acting skills were made fun of in a cruel way.

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“Bruh… Yung Miami is the worst actress in history… If I didn’t know it was BMF, I’d think that scene where she hit Meech was on Tubi “Someone sent a tweet. “Please let actors and actresses be on this show,” said another post on the same topic.

“No more rappers who can’t act as guest stars. We let Lala’s bad acting slide, but that Yung Miami crap is not it.” Yung Miami took the bad reviews on social media in stride. “More opportunities come their way the more they hate. I’m just getting started, “In one post, she wrote.