BBQ Hacks: Useful Hacks That Every Grill Master Needs to Know!

Rib racks, burger patties, and briskets, oh my! If you fancy yourself a BBQ expert, it’s crucial that you familiarise yourself with all the tricks on this list. We’ve put together a summer cooking guide with helpful hints for all your outdoor gatherings, from maintaining the grill to preparing the perfect marinade.

This is a very easy solution, right? So, get some meat, light some coals, and get the grill nice and hot before you throw some slabs on the rack. Boom. However, there are a plethora of barbecue ideas available to help you become a master of flavour and texture. Check out these cooking tricks to learn how to make crosshatch marks on steaks, impress your guests with the ultimate hot dog replacement for your vegetarian pal, and more.

If you’re planning on firing up your grill, now is the time to study these techniques so you’re ready when the time comes. You’re the one with the tongs when it comes to mastering meat. Take control of your burger grilling fate by casting your vote for the greatest bbq tip in our roundup.

1. Prepare The Grill With Oil

BBQ Hacks

It’s important to oil the grill beforehand to prevent food from sticking before adding any ingredients. If you’re looking to spice things up, try using garlic or chilli oil.

2. Watch For The Graying Of Your Coals

BBQ Hacks

To cook successfully, you need to avoid being impatient. Always wait for the coals in a charcoal barbecue to turn grey and have a little glow before starting to cook. There’s no reason to speed through a barbecue.

3. Using A Sliced Onion As A Grill Cleaner

BBQ Hacks

To remove stubborn grit from your grill grate without resorting to expensive cleaning tools, simply run a halved onion up and down each rung. The onion flavour will be minimal, but the acidity will cut through any remaining grease and filth. (You should do this before you fire up the grill.)

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4. Make Some Pizzas

BBQ Hacks

Although pizza isn’t something most people immediately associate with the grill, it actually has a terrific smokey flavour and gets nice and crispy when cooked over an open flame.

5. Get The Skewers Wet

BBQ Hacks

Meat or vegetable kebabs are practically irresistible. When grilling a large quantity of food, soak the skewers in water for at least an hour (preferably two) to prevent them from catching fire. If you do this, the skewers won’t become too charred or smokey on the grill before you’re ready to take them off.

6. Use The Rub One Hour Before You Start Cooking

BBQ Hacks

Pitmaster Johnny Trigg recommends applying a rub about an hour before you start cooking if you’re not going to use a marinade. Using a combination of salt, pepper, granulated garlic, and grilled onion is what Trigg suggests.

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7. Place Herbs On Charcoal

BBQ Hacks

Herbs can be added to both the meat and vegetables, as well as the charcoal, to enhance the flavour of the final product. Herbs like rosemary and basil or sage that have larger leaves can be dusted over charcoal to add flavour and fragrance.

8. Wrap Up Your Vegetables In Little Packages

BBQ Hacks

Wrap your vegetarian guest’s favourite vegetables in foil with some herbs and oil, and you’ve got yourself a simple and delicious main dish. Vegetables will cook more uniformly if they are contained in a parcel, and they will not come into contact with meat. Make these vegetable burgers to show off to your meatless friends.

9. Remove Steaks From The Fridge 20 Minutes Before Cooking Them.

BBQ Hacks

Steak on the grill? It should be removed from the refrigerator 20 minutes before you plan to begin grilling, as recommended by none other than Bobby Flay. The more time it has to get to room temperature before cooking, the more evenly it will cook.

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10. Assemble A Smoker For Barbecue

BBQ Hacks

You don’t need a fancy grill or smoker to achieve that authentic smoked meat flavour. An aluminium bread pan, some foil, and some hickory wood chips are all you need to make your own smoker. The chips just need to be presoaked in water for a few hours before being added to the bread pan. Then wrap it in foil and make holes in it with a knife (or a skewer) to let the smoke out. Place the smoker directly over the heating source, place the meat on a separate rack, and cover the grill. OK, that’s all there is to it!