Gaming Life Hacks: Top 8 Gaming Hacks You Should Know If You’re A Gamer!

Have you had enough of having to share your gaming time with your two-year-old brother or sister who doesn’t understand the notion of a 2D platformer? Are you unhappy that your once-loved pet cat had to go “for a really long car ride” because it kept eating through your cords? Not an ideal circumstance. How about if you had extra money to buy more games? Yes, I think so, too.

It’s common knowledge that playing video games is the most enjoyable pastime imaginable, but there are always methods to enhance the experience. To begin, you should know that you might purchase really low-priced tubing to shield your frail cables. Do you know where to look to get your hands on the top games at the best prices? Following are over a dozen amazing gaming life hacks that will make your passion for the hobby more convenient, albeit they won’t make you as happy as the completely legit pair in the image above. You know, you just can’t have everything, can you?

1. Make Your TV Better For Playing Games

Gaming Life Hacks

Your new flat-screen television measures fifty inches in diagonal. Wow, even with the factory settings, your games will look stunning on that screen. In fact, with a little exploration of your TV’s menus, you can improve their appearance and performance.

Most televisions use a small number of processing techniques on the images being shown to improve their appearance slightly. However, because of the processing time required to apply such effects, your TV may be introducing an artificial input lag into your gameplay. Granted, we’re only talking about milliseconds here, but if you play a lot of multiplayer games, that could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful kill streak. Make sure your TV is set to “game mode” before beginning a lengthy gaming session. To read more helpful advice about picture changes and calibration.

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2. Use Split Loom Tubing To Keep Animals From Chewing On Power Wires

Gaming Life Hacks

Are there cats in your house? Dogs? Perhaps a giant iguana that you’ve been casually allowing the free reign of the place. There’s a good chance they’ve already decided the cords to your gaming system or computer make excellent chew toys. The alternative is to buy new cords every time your pet learns the hard way that chewing on electrical equipment is terrible (and, potentially, new pets).

To avoid the fateful decision of covering those cords with your teeth, you might also purchase some split loom tubing.

3. If You Don’t Have A Place To Prop Up Your Headset, You Should Get One. Take Up A Banana Holder.

Gaming Life Hacks

After spending your hard-earned money on a high-quality gaming headset, you should treat it with the respect it deserves. It’s more likely to get broken if you just leave it on your desk (come on, we’ve all spilled a glass or two by accident).

If your headset doesn’t come with a stand, you may easily create one using a banana holder.

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4. Invest In A High-Quality Gaming Chair And Read Up On Proper Ergonomic Techniques.

Gaming Life Hacks

A fun fact: if you sit on a chair all day, you’re probably going to ruin your back. When your spinal column decides it doesn’t like the fact that you slouch for 12 hours a day, even though you’re young now, you will feel the agony. Don’t worry; I was guilty of the same hubris. If you’re going to be sedentary for long periods of time, you should probably invest in a good computer chair to reduce the negative effects on your health.

So, tell me, what characteristics does a “good” office chair have? And don’t forget the lumbar support, bro. Your back requires a solid support system. The chair’s height and the quality of its backrest are also crucial features. Adjust your chair so that the tops of your hands are parallel to your forearms, and your computer screen is at eye level while you are in a relaxed forward-gazing position. You’ll feel better and have more energy if you follow these tips.

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5. Get A USB Cord with Several Uses

Gaming Life Hacks

Going wireless is a myth; no one ever tells you it can’t be done. The charging wires for wireless input devices like mice, keyboards, and game controllers are a necessary evil. It’s a no-brainer to spend a few dollars on a multi-purpose USB cable. Besides, why stop there? Which brings us to our next question: do you own a Nintendo 3DS? Then you should definitely get your hands on this USB 3DS charger. Extra USB cables for your PS Vita are also available in case you lose yours. You may charge both of your portable devices without the original cables. Useful in every way.

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6. Put Your Cords Away In A Rolled-Up Toilet Paper Holder.

Gaming Life Hacks

Today, almost every piece of electronic equipment ships with a plethora of cables, many of which the buyer won’t actually use. Even while it’d be easier to throw them all into one big pile of random cords, doing so would make it much more difficult to find a specific one later on.

Instead, save the cardboard tubes from your toilet paper. If you have a shoe box or something similar, they are perfect for storing cords and keeping them organized. You can go super sophisticated and name them(!) to make sure you know what everything is.

7. When Your Younger Sibling Complains, Hand Them A Controller That Has Been Unplugged.

Gaming Life Hacks

Younger brothers and sisters, who have not yet developed the capacity for abstract thought, can be fantastic. Those are the good old days when people still think five pennies are better than a quarter or that you can magically detach your thumb and reattach it. Having younger siblings can be a blessing in many ways, but they can be a pain when they constantly want to join in on your video game sessions.

Giving them a gamepad that isn’t plugged in is a tried-and-true (albeit dishonest) solution. The next step is to make them feel like they have agency over what’s happening on the screen by making them believe a lie in front of their still-developing faces. The best you can say is that you’re “helping,” you gullible fools.

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8. Hold Off On Purchasing Brand-New Video Games.

Gaming Life Hacks

Do you not think so? Sometimes, paying full price for a brand new game is justified, especially if it’s one you’ve been anticipating for a long time. However, if you can wait a few weeks, you can usually save yourself $40 or more on that game when it goes on sale for $60.

Keep an eye on Steam and other retailers like Amazon for sales; the more you wait, the cheaper the games you want will be. If you’re struggling to resist a need, remind yourself that your to-do list will be very sad if you don’t get to it first.