Hacks Running: Here Are 8 Tips That Will Help You Run Faster and Enjoy It More!

Since you presumably got into running because you enjoy putting in the effort and enduring the process, the argument over whether or not life hacks have any place in endurance sports is beginning to heat up.

Distance running is a trip. Not getting there is more important than getting there. While it may be true, it doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of the trip. This list can be viewed as eight suggestions for getting started on your own journey and dealing with some of the challenges you’ll face.

1. Have A Refreshing Shower While Wearing Your Running Clothes

Hacks Running

Clothing can get sweaty and even foul after a run. However, before you toss your clothes in the hamper, you might want to consider taking a quick shower before you wash them (minus the shoes). When you’re done with the shower, hang up your wet garments to dry. You can get three or four wears out of a pair of workout shorts or a shirt before they need to be washed because of the quick drying time.

“It sounds terrible, but it actually works quite well,” explains Matt Frazier, creator of the No Meat Athlete movement. It also means you only need to bring one set of jogging clothes on your next trip!

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2. Don’t Limit Yourself To Wicking Running Clothes On Hot Days

Hacks Running

Usually, we just get dressed quickly and leave the house to go for a run. However, that strategy can backfire on extremely hot days.

Instead of going shirtless on a hot day, Doug Hay, who co-hosts a podcast with Frazier on running hacks, recommends wearing a cotton shirt. Cotton, on the other hand, traps the sweat and adheres to the body, which can make you feel colder than a wicking material shirt would.

Alternatively, you can put a damp shirt in the freezer and then put it on before you go for a run to mislead your brain and body into thinking it is cold outside. Even if it doesn’t accomplish much to cool you down, chilling off your head can make you feel considerably colder. Put some ice in your hat, or dab your head with a cool, damp cloth.

3. Fasten The Key To Your Shoelace Or Ponytail

Hacks Running

Sometimes it’s annoying, but sometimes it’s important, to carry around a key. (You will, after all, need to return to your residence or vehicle.) While it’s true that many female runners keep little items in their sports bras, there are other options.

Tie the key to your shoelace so you won’t lose it or have to carry it if you don’t have pockets. If your ponytail is extremely thick, you can even knot it into the holder.

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4. Pour The Salt Tablets Into Your Water

Hacks Running

Hay and Frazier are also strong proponents of opening up any salt pills or tablets you might take on long runs and dissolving the salt into your water supply. That way, you may regulate your salt intake based on feedback from your tongue’s taste buds.

Frazier warned that “we shouldn’t ignore our body’s own feedback mechanism.”

5. Wear Your Running Clothes On The Bed

Hacks Running

Frazier said, “It sounds like such a tiny thing,” but when you’re trying to get out the door and start your run, any little thing helps. That’s one less item you have to worry about, and you can get out the door right now.

If the thought of doing that before bedtime makes you uncomfortable, you can always just lay out all of your running clothes before turning in for the night. Anything that eliminates potential sources of distraction is welcome when trying to start moving.

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6. You Should Put On Some Stockings Under Your Socks

Hacks Running

Some sportsmen feel that wearing pantyhose feet under their socks reduces the likelihood of blisters and smoothes away any unpleasant areas.

7. Try Something New With Your Meals

Hacks Running

You’re all geared up and ready to go, but now comes one of the trickier aspects of running: fueling. But don’t allow your hunger and thirst to rule your life. On runs less than an hour, especially first thing in the morning, you shouldn’t even think about eating.

Long-distance runners who, like Frazier and Hay, prefer to bring along whole foods or fruits need only remove the hydration bladder from a conventional hydration vest or pack. That way, you can bring a handheld water bottle and fill it up as you go, plus you’ll have plenty of room in your pack to store food.

Hay like the nutritional content of dates when running, and he also recommends gummies if you’re a fan of chews or gels but needs something easier to take. Grapes and chewing gum are a popular combination (frozen grapes on hot days).

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8. To Make Time For A Run, Schedule It!

Hacks Running

A foolproof method of squeezing everything into a 24-hour period is a must-have life hack for every one of us. The first item to go when time is tight is usually a run. To counteract this, I recommend putting your run on your calendar like a meeting and setting reminders to get you out the door. Whether you have 20 minutes or an hour, squeeze in a run.

And you may do other things while running: Try carrying a change of clothes and a small rucksack for your commute. If you and your coworkers all want to get some exercise, you could set up some low-key running meetings. Alternately, you may use your runs as a chance to spend quality time with your spouse, kids, or even the family dog. To get it done in any way possible is the greatest hack of all.