McDonalds Hacks: 10 Secret McDonalds Hacks That’ll Blow Your Mind!

McDonalds Hacks

Virtually no one disputes the affordability of a McDonald’s meal. Who, after all, can wait until the conclusion of McDonald’s breakfast hours(opens in new tab) to get their hands on a tasty and inexpensive McMuffin?

Depending on how frugal you are, you can feed a family of four for the price of one normal plate at most other restaurants, making it a fantastic place for a family outing with food and (hopefully) a soft-play area and iPads that kids can spill milkshake on.

Macy’s is already a blessing for many reasons (as a treat, of course), but there are some insider tips that will make your meals there much cheaper and more enjoyable.

Whether it secret menu items that your server might make for you if you ask nicely or just tricks you’ve GOT to try to make your order stretch further, you can rest assured that all of these tips have been flagged by current or former McDonald’s employees and are therefore insider knowledge worth knowing…

1. Free Double Toppings

McDonalds Hacks

The 99-cent cheeseburger is a crowd pleaser and a firm favorite in our household. It’ll warm you up well without breaking the bank. However, imagine if you could obtain extra condiments without paying extra.

The self-service kiosk is where you place your order at your own pace. Put in an order for a 99-cent cheeseburger (or any burger) and then click “Customize” on the screen.

Some of the toppings already included in the burger will be free, while more cheese will cost 20p and bacon would cost 50p. A complimentary mayonnaise topping significantly alters the burger’s character (in a tasty way, of course).

Using this trick, you will feel a lot less hungry.

2. Get The Cheeseburger With Hash Browns

McDonalds Hacks

McDonald’s breakfast is universally praised by the chain’s devoted customer base. The McMuffins may be the best thing ever (!), but the hash brown is what really sets this place apart as the best place for breakfast in America.

You can never find another hash brown that compares to that one, no matter where you go or how hard you look.

Unfortunately, around 10:30 a.m., the potato treats are put away and the burger menu is posted, creating a space between them that is both close and yet far.

One dedicated follower, however, has devised a plan to combine the famed potato addition with the time-honored fast food favorite, the cheeseburger, and the secret to this culinary masterpiece is in the 10.30 switch.

If you order your cheeseburger before the clock strikes, you won’t get soggy hash browns. That’s what I’ve been hoping for!

3. Get There Between 10:30 And 11:00


“Matt explains, “They’re changing over from breakfast to lunch, and you can have a taste of both. Like brunch, but for your stomach.”

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4. To Save Money, Swap The Cheese On A Double Cheeseburger For Big Mac Fries

McDonalds Hacks

It was recently discovered that there is a cunning technique to pay only half the original amount for the world-famous (and expensive) burger.

Nonetheless, be forewarned that it is arduous work.

A Double Cheeseburger can be ordered at one of the restaurant’s self-service kiosks. Then, dress it up with mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, lettuce, and onions (i.e. all the glorious fillings of a tasty Big Mac).

Only the third bun layer (which would make it extremely heavy) and the famed Big Mac sauce would be absent.

However, according to some reviews, the staff will include it in your order if you specifically request it.

It’ll cost you a little extra time, but in the end, you’ll just spend £1.59 on the burger instead of £3.19!

5. Have A Free Hot Beverage

A second anonymous worker adds, “Suppose if you want to buy a promotional hot drink which costs more than £2, then just get any hot drink (hot chocolate, latte, white coffee), drink it, and then ask them for a refill.”
Say the name of the special drink when asked what you would like to drink.

6. A Big Mac And Fries Will Only Cost You £1.99

McDonalds Hacks

If you’re like us, sometimes a single burger just isn’t enough, and you find yourself browsing the ‘Meals’ menu instead. If you’re looking to save some real cash, we know a way to get you a Big Mac and fries for less than £2, every single time.

All you need is a receipt from a prior McDonald’s visit; if you don’t have one, just look around the restaurant when you go in; someone is bound to have forgotten theirs.

Take a look at the top of your receipt for directions on how to finish a quick survey in under two minutes. You’ll get a Big Mac and fries for just £1.99 when you write the code on top of your receipt (you may need to order at the counter to redeem the offer).

Keep the receipt from this purchase and re-submit your survey answers to keep the revolving door of requests coming in. Get another round of this for $1.99 I could live off of Big Macs and French fries.

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7. Slap Some Ketchup On Those Fries And Use The Box’s Flap

It turns out that the perforations on the side of the fries box serve a purpose—when folded down, they create an apparatus resembling a diving board—to help you reach the ketchup at the bottom of the container.

Just pass the fries back with the ketchup on the flap to prevent any messes on the way, and you won’t have to worry about any spills on your vehicle trip with the kids.

Who would have guessed?

8. Never Eat Fries When They’re Cold

McDonalds Hacks

When you finally get your McDonald’s order after waiting for what seems like an eternity, you may be disappointed to find that your food is cold.

At the counter or at the self-service kiosk, request your fries without salt, and you’ll get a steaming plate of crisp, fresh chips. This strategy also works for ordering personalized products, as they will be manufactured on demand.

You need not go without salt if you so desire; merely request it on the side and sprinkle it on afterward. Taking a few more minutes is unavoidable, but we insist that heated fries are well worth the wait.

9. Make A Plate Out Of Your Kid’s Happy Meal Box

For whatever reason, we just now learned that you can use the cardboard box from a McDonald’s Happy Meal to make little trays for your child’s snacks.

Using this method, children can more easily grip their carrot sticks (well, fries, but we try) and eat with considerably less mess. The bottom of each box has a tiny perforated seam that makes tearing off the top half a breeze; we have officially had our minds blown.

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10. Always Get A Receipt

McDonalds Hacks

It seems that asking for a receipt could mean the difference between getting a burger that has been sitting out for hours and a juicy, freshly cooked one.

A McDonald’s employee named Kamran Adam detailed the unusual method on the online forum Quora, saying that if you ask for a receipt, the staff might assume you’re a mystery shopper who visits different businesses to evaluate the quality of the service and the food they provide.

Kamran argues that asking for a receipt could motivate service employees to go above and beyond to ensure a positive experience, as mystery shoppers need them for compensation.

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