Packing Hacks: These 14 Travel Packing Hacks Will Blow Your Mind! [Must Check]

Travel packing can be a major hassle. However many times we’ve traveled, we still either forget something essential at home, pack too much, and end up with a nasty shock when we check our bags at the airport, or can’t fit all we need into our baggage.

If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, you’ll be relieved to know that we’ve compiled a list of brilliant packing tricks for a vacation that will simplify your life.

When you know a few simple tricks, packing may go from being a stressful ordeal to something you look forward to doing.

In a word, yes, it will be enjoyable. It can be done; trust us on this.

14 Travel Packing Hacks Will Blow Your Mind

1. Roll Your Clothes Up And Squeeze Them Down.

Don’t even think about folding that. The role is now official. Packing your clothes in a roll will help you save valuable room in your suitcase. Better still, use reusable, foldable plastic bags to store your folded garment rolls. These space-saving bags are perfect for your next trip by squeezing out any excess air. It also prevents your clothing from being creased, so you may arrive at your location looking neat and tidy without having to hunt down an iron.

2. Don’t Leave Home Without Your Essentials Bag

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Don’t Be The Passenger Who Clogs Up The Passageway Of The Plane By Frantically Rummaging Through Their Bag For Their Headphones. Many People Despise Him Or Her. Having Your On-Board Necessities Neatly Organised Can Make Checking In For Your Travel Much Easier. For Your Phone, iPad, Wallet, Tickets/itinerary, Pen, Gum, Headphones, Chargers, Chapstick, Etc., We Recommend Purchasing A Small Pouch That Can Hold Everything You Could Need During The Flight. When You Board The Airline, Simply Place This Bag Under Your Seat To Hold Your Belongings While You Ride.

3. Bring Outfits

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It Would Be Silly To Bring Those Jeans Without The Matching Shirt. Keeping Them Would Be A Waste Of Space Because You Wouldn’t Use Them. You Should Bring The Whole Ensemble With You And Plan To Attend A Special Occasion. For A Trip Across South America Via Backpack, You Probably Don’t Need To Bring Your Best Dress. Plan Your Route Carefully In Advance.

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4. Put Your Bags On A Scale At Home Before You Go.

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You May Have Heard Of This One Before, But It’s Still A Goodie. Be Aware That The Baggage And Weight Restrictions Of Each Airline Are Different. If You Book Your Overweight Items In Advance With Some Flights, You Can Save Money. However, This Can Still Result In Astronomical Costs.

The Conventional Approach To Bag Weighting Involves First Using A Personal Scale To Measure Your Body Weight, And Then Repeating The Process With Your Luggage. You Can Calculate Your Bag’s Weight By Subtracting Your Own From The Second Figure.

However, You Can Save Time By Purchasing A Digital Hand Luggage Scale That You Can Attach To The Bag’s Handle And Lift To Read The Weight. This Is Particularly Preferable When Travelling, As Some Hotels May Not Provide Guests With A Scale.

5. Take A First Aid Kit With You

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It’s Not Pleasant To Think About Becoming Sick Or Having An Accident While On Vacation, But These Things May And Do Happen. Have A First Aid Kit On Hand Just In Case These Things Happen. There Is Nothing More Frustrating Than Getting Food Sickness And Being Unable To Tear Oneself Away From The Toilet Long Enough To Get To The Drugstore And Get Some Medicine. It’s A Good Idea To Pack Some Basic First Aid Supplies, Such As Paracetamol, Medication For Stomach Upset, And Cold And Flu Medications, To Have On Hand In Case You Start To Feel Under The Weather. Other Useful Goods To Have On Hand Are Bandages, Neosporin, And Anti-Itch Cream. If You Anticipate Running Low On Any Prescription Medications While On Your Trip, Be Sure To Either Carry Extras Along Or Contact Your Doctor In Advance To Arrange For A Refill.

6. Be Prepared With A Plastic Bag

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There’s Nothing Worse Than Being Caught In A Tropical Thunderstorm Without Any Place To Take Refuge And Your Devices At Risk Of Getting Ruined.

Bring An Additional Zip-Top Bag So You Can Store Them Easily And Fast. When Going Through Airport Security, You Can Even Use The Same Bag You Packed Your Toiletries In.

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7. Make Use Of Sunglasses Case

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Cables, Headphones, And Other Small Charging Devices Can All Be Neatly Stored In An Empty Sunglasses Case. In Addition To Keeping Related Objects Together, This Prevents Them From Getting Misplaced Or Broken At The Bottom Of A Bag Or Backpack.

8. It’s Time To Practise Bag Balancing

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In One Way Or Another, You’ve Witnessed It. Having Your Suitcase Tip Over Because You Took Your Hand Off Of It For Even A Second Is One Of Life’s Greatest Frustrations. It’s Annoying Because It Leads To Chaos And Confusion. If You Pack Your Luggage So That The Heaviest Goods (like Shoes, Liquids, Bottles, Or Hefty Keepsakes) Are Towards The Bottom, Near The Wheels, And The Lightest Items Are On Top, Your Bag Won’t Spill Its Contents When You Turn Your Back.

9. Put A Cotton Pad Into Your Powder Cosmetics Case.

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Pressed Powder, In Particular, Is Prone To Breaking Up In Transit.

To Prevent Any Damage In The Event That The Box Is Jostled Around In Your Makeup Bag, Stuff A Cotton Pad Inside Before Closing It.

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10. Make The Most Of Your Footwear Storage

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Even Though They’re A Pain To Bring Along, Sneakers And Dress Shoes Are Typically Required For Camping And Business Trips. Stuff Your Socks And Underpants Into The Empty Space In Your Shoes. This Will Prevent Your Shoes From Flattening Out In A Crowded Bag And Take Up A Little Less Room.

11. Put A Hat Of The Same Form Into Your Bag.

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Before I Learned That The Simplest Method To Pack A Hat Is To Simply Stuff It, I Always Ended Up Carrying My Hats To The Cabin With Me Instead Of Packing Them.

Put It In The Middle Of Your Luggage And Fill It With Rolled Items Like T-Shirts, Socks, And Underwear; Then Pack The Rest Of Your Clothes Around It Tightly To Prevent It From Shifting. The Hat’s Brim Should Be Smoothed Out.

A Trick I’ve Learned Is To Wear The Hat Over Another Article Of Clothing, Centred Over The Head.

12. Go For A Color Pattern That Can Be Used In Various Ways

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If You’re Having Trouble Deciding What To Pack, Try To Stick To An Overall Colour Palette. Black And Other Dark Hues Are Great Staples Since They Go With Everything And Hide Dirt Better Than Lighter Ones. It’s Acceptable To Wear A Blouse From One Outfit With Pants From A Different Outfit. The Same Pair Of Shoes Can Be Worn With Either Jeans Or A Skirt. Black Pants Are Ideal For Both A Daytime Picnic And A Night On The Town. This Way Of Packing Will Reduce The Weight You Have To Carry.

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13. Separate The Gross Laundry

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If You’re Not Planning On Remaining In One Place During Your Trip, This Is Invaluable Advice. While Travelling, Make Sure That Your Filthy Clothes Stay Separate From Your Clean Ones. Don’t Forget To Bring Along A Lightweight, Compact Bag To Use For Dirty Clothes On The Way Back. It Might Be Something Like A Lightweight Canvas Tote Or A Reusable, Foldable Bag. You May Do Your Laundry Right There At The Hotel If You Check The Closet And Grab The Bag They Give.

14. Spend Money On Bar Shampoo And Conditioner

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Rather Than Worrying About How Much Liquid You Can Bring Through Security, Consider Switching To Bar Shampoo And Conditioner. They pass through airport security unnoticed because they look and feel like ordinary soap. Whether you’re on the road or not, you’ll want to take advantage of the “Lush” brand’s fantastic fragrances.