Watermelon Hacks: 7 DIY Watermelon Hacks For You To Try This Summer!

I’ll show you 10 creative ways to slice and serve watermelon right now. With the Fourth of August approaching and a plethora of upcoming barbecues and Summer get-togethers, I thought it would be a lot of fun to put together several ways to share the most popular summer fruit with friends and family. A toast to watermelons!

You’ll want to save this roundup to your Pinterest boards because it’s full of tasty and ingenious ideas.

Are you prepared to take in every suggestion? Okay, let’s do this!

1. The Most Amazing Trick Ever

Excuse me! This has to be the best of the bunch!

Watermelon Hacks

Can you believe how simple this is?

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2. Watermelon Jello

Watermelon Hacks

A watermelon’s rind can be used to make an adorable, sturdy mold for a jello bite (or shot!). Split the watermelon in half lengthwise, scoop out the flesh, and set the rind aside. Prepare a batch of jello in accordance with the package’s instructions, then spoon it into the watermelon half you’ve cut in half. Once the jello has set in the fridge, you may cut it like a regular melon.

This amusing trick is most effective with more manageable watermelons, and if you substitute booze for the water in the jello mixture, you have yourself a mobile party. Just put a sign that says “Adults only!” on it.

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3. Popsicle Stick Serving

Watermelon Hacks

Snacking on food that can be skewered is always more entertaining, especially in the heat. First, split the watermelon in half lengthwise. Next, put 12 popsicle sticks into the top and sides of the watermelon. Nicole used a knife to make small cuts so the sticks could be inserted more easily. Then, cut each popsicle in half lengthwise, then in half crosswise, leaving approximately an inch of rind around each stick. You may make 12 skewers of watermelon from each half.

4. Easy Popsicles

Watermelon Hacks

Using the aforementioned technique, freeze individual slices on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper before serving. You don’t even need a popsicle mold to make these healthy, sugar-free treats. Even Nicole was taken aback by how much she enjoyed this hack.

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5. Watermelon Shark

Watermelon Hacks

The dish is so cute, I want to fill it with summer fruit. Cut a 45° to 90° slice out of your watermelon and place it on a flat base you’ve prepared. The shark’s gaping maw will be here. Don’t throw away that outer layer; you’ll need it to make the shark fin. Use an ice cream scoop to remove the fruit, then place the melon balls in a bowl. Make “shark teeth” by making shallow cuts along the rind’s surface to expose the white flesh beneath the green skin.

The white rind can be used to make fake teeth if little triangles are cut out. Then, using toothpicks, secure a triangular piece of the rind to the shark’s back where the “fin” will go. When finished, replace the watermelon balls in the shark’s mouth and add marker eyes. The same technique may be used to fashion a “basket” out of watermelon; all that’s required is some imagination.

6. The Watermelon Slushie

Watermelon Hacks

In conclusion, our hack provides an original, if not particularly practical, a method for making watermelon slushies. You should begin by making a small incision on the top of a watermelon. The plot thickens now. The head of a power drill can be modified by cutting off one end of a wire coat hanger and securing the remaining end to the drill.

After you’ve got everything in place, drop the hanger into the hole and start drilling. Pour the vodka in once the melon appears to be well blended. For easier pouring, a plastic cup’s side can be cut and inserted into the hole. To accommodate the cup, you may need to widen the opening. Nicole thought this drink was too grainy and suggested making a traditional watermelon slushie instead.

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7. Watermelon Cake

Watermelon Hacks

This watermelon cake is the easiest and healthiest cake you’ll ever make. The ends must be cut off to create a flat surface, and then the rind must be carved away from all sides with a knife until no white remains. In order to make “cake layer-shaped” slices, cut through the middle and top with whipped cream (either homemade or store-bought). Colorful and tasty fresh mint leaves can serve as a “sprinkle” garnish. This easy dessert is perfect for a warm-weather meal’s finale because of its refreshing flavor.