The Top 6 Free Calorie Counter Apps to Maintain Your Diet!

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The ability to regulate nearly every area of our lives, including our calorie intake with the best calorie counter app for Android, has become a significant part of our lives given how technologically adept we have become. This is crucial for a more accurate assessment of your health and for you to have some control over how you live your life.

But manually keeping track of all the calories you regularly consume can be next to impossible. Here are some helpful smartphone apps that can help you better assess the food you’re eating and create a sort of personal journal that tracks all the calories you’ve consumed over time.

You, as a user, will need to be extremely careful before choosing the app that best meets your needs as there are a lot of calorie-counting apps for Android available that serve the purpose. Given the vast number of programs that are available, this can be a difficult task.

Never choose an app based solely on the type of images or descriptions provided by the developer. There are instances when an app is much more than meets the eye. This is the reason we made the choice to create a list of five calorie-counting applications that are both wholesome and convenient for you. Please take a closer look at each of them in the list below.

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1) Calorie Count – My Fitness Pal

free calorie counter app

MyFitnessPal, one of the more well-known fitness programs, has a Calorie Counter app with a slew of features to draw in the calorie-conscious. It pairs with a range of fitness trackers available in the market, extending its hardware compatibility beyond that of the developer.

You have nothing to lose by trying this out because signing up for the service is free. It also helps that this is one of the most well-liked calorie-tracking applications available, guaranteeing you long-term accuracy of findings.

Naturally, you don’t need to manually input the types of nutrients you’ve consumed—just enter the food you’ve eaten, and everything will be calculated for you. All calorie applications share this functionality, which makes life much simpler for everyone concerned.

free calorie counter app

Additionally, the app has a barcode scanning feature that enables you to easily log the item you’re eating without having to fill in the specifics. There are many options available here because there is also the manual option. By assisting you in setting goals, the app greatly encourages users.

If you use the app for at least 7 days and strictly adhere to the program, the developers guarantee weight loss. Of course, downloading it is free, and depending on the device, different Android versions are needed for the app. If you download the app, you will be joining a list of 50 to 100 million others who have already done so and gotten something out of it.

2) Calorie Calculator – My Net Diary

There are many apps with the “Calorie Counter” label available, which is not very surprising. Only by mentioning the name of their service immediately after can manufacturers distinguish between their apps. Although it is not as well-known as the software we discussed before, this one is from MyNetDiary and will still be a good choice for customers.

Despite the fact that many people may not be familiar with the app, it frequently appears in search results on the Play Store because users have downloaded it roughly 5 million times already. Here, the feature set is rather basic. You choose a goal for weight loss, and the app will guide you through it on a periodic basis. Every time you have a meal, the calories must be entered. Again, this is a typical procedure for every calorie-counting app available today.

free calorie counter app

The fact that the American Journal of Preventive Medicine ranked this as the best diet app available should speak volumes about the effort the developers put out to make this a great application. Overall, the user reviews are very positive, so that should be enough to entice new users to download the app.

To make cataloging your goods easier, it includes a vast database of eateries, products, and shops. If the meal you want isn’t on the list, just take a picture of it and the app will classify it appropriately. It utilizes Google Fit to sync with a number of fitness wearables as well.

Of course, the app also assists you in keeping track of your workouts, steps, and other fitness-related activities. Due to this, it is currently a difficult app to surpass in the Play Store. The greatest calorie counter app for Android can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and works with smartphones running Android 4.0 or higher.

3) The My Plate Calorie Tracker

This one came from, one of the best exercise motivators available. As you would anticipate from any fitness or calorie tracking app out there, it has a respectable selection of features on board. There are more than 2 million food items available from the company’s extensive library that you may register as part of your workout routine.

MyPlate can integrate with Google Fit and automatically sync your runs, steps taken, and much more—just like any other fitness app. In order to track your success as you complete your workouts and take nutritional supplements, you may also create targets for your weight loss or muscle-building program. Even better, the app has a barcode scanner and can automatically add food items to your diet.

free calorie counter app

To get a fine-grained understanding of your daily diet, the app also provides you with a detailed look into macronutrients. This aids in guiding your search for fitness and enables you to eat the right amount of nutrients that your body needs. The experts strongly suggest this app, and you may receive additional benefits by subscribing to LIVESTRONG’s gold membership.

These types of calorie counting applications are hugely popular in the Google Play Store. There are currently many users of this particular application, which has already had nearly 1 million downloads. To use this calorie counting app for android, users must have a device running Android 4.1 or higher. We urge fitness enthusiasts to download and use this app right immediately.

4) Calorie Counter – Free Easy Fit

This app is also quite popular and has many of the same features as the ones we’ve discussed so far. On the app listing page, the developer is emphasising the diversity of UI animations that are included. Users can customize the look and feel of the product by selecting the colors they prefer.

Of course, the app also has a number of functions that may be used to help you keep track of the calories you’ve consumed on a given day. An app is a multi-purpose tool that can track your exercises in addition to being a fairly good calorie counter. Since the app is now available in four languages—English, German, Arabic, and French—it is usable by a variety of users around the world.

free calorie counter app

The software, of course, also informs you of the nutrients you consumed on a given day. To provide you with a quick overview of the carbohydrates, proteins, and other foods you’ve consumed, a pie chart is used to illustrate this. The app is a highly useful tool for fitness aficionados to own because it provides extensive information on the fitness goals you have attained or the calories you have burned over a specific period of time.

This software is absolutely free, unlike the other ones on this list, and it doesn’t have any in-app purchases either. Ads are used by the developer to monetize the service, which is a drawback. The apps didn’t always appear in my experience, but this didn’t interfere with my usage in any way. In light of this, we advise every fitness enthusiast to download one of these Android calorie-counting apps. Any device running Android 4.1 or higher can use the app.

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YAZIO is the final app on our list. Even though not many people have heard of this particular app, the features it offers make it a rather fascinating software. The app not only keeps track of your caloric intake but can also monitor the types of nutrients you’re consuming and provide recommendations.

Overall, the app is a rather versatile offering and can even monitor your blood sugar levels. Offering users encouragement to work more and achieve more is one of the main benefits of calorie tracking applications. The same may be true for fitness and exercise applications.

free calorie counter app

Users of YAZIO can track their progress over time and push themselves harder each time by keeping track of their accomplishments. You won’t need to worry about privacy because, according to the developer, all data collected on YAZIO is encrypted by default. The software also includes a widget for your home screen to help you stay motivated.

More than three million people have already downloaded the app, which is a strong indication of its current global popularity. In-app purchases are available on YAZIO as well, allowing you to access some extra features that will help you achieve your goals even more effectively.

Overall, one can declare with confidence that YAZIO joins the select group of programs that provide the best in terms of functionality and features. Users do not need to pay any money in order to utilize some of the app’s fundamental functions because it is initially a free app. To utilize some of the app’s more sophisticated functions, though, you might need to take out your wallet.

Customers can feel secure knowing that the app was just recently updated. YAZIO is compatible with a wide range of devices, but the developer notes that compatibility varies by device. Fitness enthusiasts should immediately download the Calorie Counting Apps for Android from the Play Store, which we highly suggest.

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