Is Chrisean Rock Pregnant with Blueface’s Kid?

Chrisean Rock has been plagued by pregnancy rumours ever since she posted a recent selfie to Instagram. The misconception is cleared up in the conversation that follows. Are rumours that Chrisean is pregnant true, or did she really get pregnant? is the topic of today’s post.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface are two popular performers that are regularly spotted together. Despite the fact that Blueface is now expecting his second kid with ex-girlfriend Jaidy Alexis, speculations about him and Rock having a child are once again circulating.

Can somebody tell me who Chrisean Rock is?

Can somebody tell me who Chrisean Rock is?

Christadelphian Music Reference: The music world now recognises her as one of the best performers around. A list of her talents includes models, TV personalities, and singers. Christian’s modelling images and vlogs about her daily life have helped her gain a sizable online following.

She also has a YouTube account where she shares music videos and original songs. Also, I feel obligated to point you that Malone has appeared in several television episodes as a guest star.

In addition to her dancing, she appeared in a few music videos. She also has a high profile due to her relationship with Blueface (Jonathan Porter’s stage name). Chrisean and Blueface allegedly broke up after a fight on the streets of Hollywood. Video of the brawl has apparently emerged online, as reported by TMZ.

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Can somebody tell me who Chrisean Rock is?

Chrisean Malone, better known by his stage name Chrisean Rock, is an Instagram model, singer, and social media star. For many, Rock’s most recognisable role is as the girlfriend of American rapper Blueface. Rock did not attend college, thus she does not have a degree.

Chrisean is only just now actively pursuing a career in music. She first appeared on the scene with the single “Lonely,” and in the intervening two years, she has only released five more singles. Rock embarked on a career in the world of social media a few years ago.

In 2015, she made her first foray into the world of social media, specifically Instagram. Rock’s passion for fashion led her to resolve to shake up the industry. She had a small number of followers, thus her lovely Instagram photos went almost unnoticed.

Upon Blueface’s confirmation of their relationship, she became an Instagram sensation. Rock attracted a massive new fan base thanks to Blueface and his devoted audience.

Does Anyone Know If Chrisean Rock Is Married?

Does Anyone Know If Chrisean Rock Is Married?

Chrisean is a woman with an expansive worldview. There are rumours that she has started dating Blueface, aka Jonathan Porter. Blueface is a well-known rapper and performer, although that fact isn’t common knowledge.

Additionally, Blueface has expertise in the boxing ring from his days as a professional fighter. It’s unclear when exactly their relationship began.

She supposedly is the first musician signed to Blueface’s label, and he is her employer. Chrisean and Blueface’s split became public knowledge in August of 2022. A video of them fighting on the streets of Hollywood instantly went viral. Neither Christian’s present nor prior romantic connections can be reliably ascertained.

Currently, there is no set premiere date for the couple’s next reality programme, Crazy In Love, which will air on the Zeus network. Watch the teaser!