Is Billy Milligan Alive or Dead at This Time? What caused his demise?

In the first known case, Billy Milligan successfully used the defence of insanity due to multiple personality disorders to avoid punishment for a violent crime. The public and psychologists alike were fascinated by his case because of his unconventional defence.

Milligan denied responsibility for the three counts of kidnapping, the three counts of aggravated robbery, and the four counts of rape. Based on their findings, psychiatrists concluded that Billy had up to twenty-four distinct personalities, all of which eventually merged into a single, manageable one throughout treatment.

The Mystery of Billy Milligan, Who Was He?

The Mystery of Billy Milligan, Who Was He?

Bill Milligan’s birthdate is February 1955 in Florida. Dorothy and John Morrison welcomed their son into the world and named him Morrison. At the time, John’s wife was not the lady he was having an affair with.

Nonetheless, they eventually expanded their family to include three young kids. Dorothy and the children returned to Ohio after John’s death, and after a brief remarriage to John’s brother, Dorothy met Chalmer Milligan.

As a result of their 1963 marriage, Chalmer adopted Dorothy’s three children, while Dorothy adopted Chalmer’s daughter. Billy had a lot of run-ins with the law as a kid. He was expelled from school after it was discovered he regularly spent time in a trance-like state, wandering the streets of Lancaster, Ohio.

Many psychologists believe Billy’s multiple identities emerged as a result of the terrible sexual and physical abuse he endured at the hands of Chalmer. Although he was still young, he was diagnosed with hysterical neurosis. In 1972, he got kicked out of high school and later was discharged from the Navy for being late.

Billy was convicted of rape in the same year he attended a juvenile detention centre. He said she was a prostitute who demanded money for imaginary services. After that, he was arrested for robbery and spent around 2 years in prison.

Those sexual attacks took place in 1977, the same year he was paroled. On four separate occasions between October 14 and October 26, 1977, Billy robbed and raped three women. According to one victim’s statement to authorities, her assailant had a German accent.

His fingerprint was discovered on one of the victims’ cars, and he was subsequently apprehended. Another victim identified him in a line-up of suspects. Here, though, Billy’s case began to receive widespread media attention.

The documentary series suggests Billy was completely oblivious when he was arrested. Billy was found to have several personalities after undergoing a mental evaluation. A Yugoslavian using the alias “Ragen” conducted the robberies, as previously suspected.

Ragen, though, was completely unaware of the rapes. They were committed by a lesbian woman of 19 going by the alias “Adalana,” and she did it all behind Billy’s back. Arthur, an Englishman, and Tommy, a professional escapist, were not alone.

After further treatment, the number of personalities increased to 14 from the original estimate of 10. Billy’s defence centred around his diagnosis of multiple personality disorder, now known as dissociative identity disorder.

After physicians concluded that his 10 personalities had “Combined,” he was found competent to stand trial. His legal team argued for a not guilty by reason of insanity plea on his behalf. Billy was declared not guilty by a judge after he declined a jury trial. A short time later, he was admitted to a minimum-security psychiatric hospital in Athens, Ohio.

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What Happened to Billy Milligan and Where Is He Now?

What Happened to Billy Milligan and Where Is He Now?
In 1972, 22-year-old Billy Milligan was arrested for the alleged kidnapping, robbery, and rape of three Ohio women. It was later revealed in 1978, after several assessments, that Milligan was suffering from a dissociative identity disorder.

After being imprisoned in multiple jails and psychiatric institutes, Milligan escaped from the Central Ohio Psychiatric Hospital on July 4, 1986. The documentary demonstrated how Milligan obtained fraudulent passports and travelled to live in Washington.

After Milligan’s roommate, Michael, disappeared, the culprit fled the state and was eventually captured in Florida.

After being transferred back to Ohio and given to more tests, an independent psychiatrist ruled that Milligan was not a danger to society and he was freed from custody in 1988.