Is Claire Danes Expecting Her Third Child with Hugh Dansya?

On the red carpet of the 2023 Golden Globe Awards, Claire Danes showed off her growing baby belly. The ‘Little Women’ actress and her husband Hugh Dancy announced this week that they are expecting their third child together; they are already parents to boys Cyrus Michael Christopher, 10, and Rowan, 4.

She wore a figure-flattering white lace gown to the glamorous event held at the Beverly Hilton on Tuesday (10.10.23). Her pregnancy was “not so expected,” she said. “Mama mode is all right, this one was – not so expected – but we’re pleased and here we go!” she said on ‘Entertainment Tonight’.

And we couldn’t be happier! We have two sons, ages 10 and 4, so that should make for a nice ride. Wonderfully, I am now well into the second trimester, the more forgiving part of pregnancy. Thankfully, we seem to be beyond the worst of the sickness.

Claire, who was expecting her second child, said she was looking forward to “retiring for a short bit” when she found out she was pregnant. She said in 2018 that she was “very knocked pregnant.” I am positively pregnant. To be honest, I’m not in any pain.

I’ve been doing some “tap dancing,” as I like to call it, which is basically just getting out there and telling people that I’ve been doing art and that they should check it out. It’s looking like I’ll be able to retire for a bit and focus solely on my pregnancy, which is exciting.

The ‘Fleishman Is in Trouble’ actress said that being able to take a break from filming ‘Homeland’ was a “big luxury,” especially considering that she had to work until she was eight months pregnant with her first child.

What a wonderful luxury,” she said, “it feels like. I had to work until I was eight months pregnant with my first kid, so this opportunity to relax and enjoy my pregnancy is very much appreciated. The two started dating in 2006 after meeting on the set of “Evening,” and they finally tied the knot in 2009.

Johnson revealed the difficulties she had with conception in a subsequent article about her experience trying to conceive.

Johnson revealed the difficulties she had with conception in a subsequent article about her experience trying to conceive.

After trying unsuccessfully for a while, she and her partner decided to take a vacation from attempting to start a family. “We had actually stopped trying to conceive for around 6 months to mentally/emotionally give ourselves a breather,” she wrote.

I want to keep the mood light since we have so much to be thankful for, but I must warn you that it hasn’t been a picnic getting here. “I remember seeing people post these videos and suffering because I hoped so much I could feel that joy,” she wrote.

It was difficult to maintain hope after two years of infertility and hundreds of negative tests. I wondered whether I would ever have this chance. Do not give up hope if you are having difficulty conceiving, experiencing infertility, or grieving the loss of a pregnancy.

Chmerkovskiy quickly followed this with an expression of joy at the prospect of fatherhood. ‘I can’t wait,’ Val told ET. “I can feel the paternal strength coming on.” A month later, Johnson announced her pregnancy to her spouse of three years in a video she posted online.

The dancer sent out the good news by packing four positive pregnancy tests in a package with a pair of baby shoes. Later that month, Johnson and Chmerkovskiy announced they were expecting a son.

In September, Chmerkovskiy announced to ET that he and his partner were expecting their first child. It’s cliche to express gratitude, but after the previous three years of my life, I truly feel overwhelming gratitude for everything I’ve been given the opportunity to learn and experience.

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As a couple, Danes and Dancy have been blessed with two sons: Cyrus Michael Christopher, age 10, and Rowan, age 4.

As a couple, Danes and Dancy have been blessed with two sons: Cyrus Michael Christopher, age 10, and Rowan, age 4.

When they portrayed lovers in a tense love triangle in the 2007 film Evening, the actors fell in love and ended up getting married 13 years and two years after they first met on set. Initially simply buddies, the two became much closer throughout filming on beautiful Rhode Island.

In 2017, Danes revealed to Marie Claire, “There was one day when we were riding by the sea, and everything was glittering and gorgeous, and I just had this dumb insight like, I’m really just happy.”

Danes weren’t planning anything long-term with her at first because she was the sort to move quickly from one relationship to another.

But when she experimented with more casual sex with other men, she had an epiphany and understood that Dancy was the one she wanted. She revealed this on Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert, where she called the one-night encounter a “palate cleanser” that let her see her actual sentiments.

“Oh s**t! “I think I’m going to marry this person,” she recalled thinking. Not long after that, the two were spotted out together, and Dancy made no end to his pursuits, even going so far as to brag at a holiday gathering.

“He crafted a cowboy paper doll decoration, and I was like, ‘And he crafts?’ I guess that’s all there was to it. She told Net-a-Porter, “You have me for the rest of our lives.”