Islanders’ Beloved Host Shannon Hogan Expecting Baby in 2022!”

is shannon hogan pregnant

Shannon Hogan, a sportscaster for MSG Networks, has become a viral sensation as her devoted audience speculates about whether or not she is expecting another child.

Since she is well-liked by MSG Networks’ audience, she is often included in the network’s coverage of the New York Islanders. Accordingly, as she has gradually put on weight, people have begun to take notice.

Shannon attended Northville High and went on to finish her education at the University of Virginia. The sportswriter swam for the Missouri Tigers in college.

Is Shannon Hogan, who covers the Islanders for MSG+, expecting a child in 2022?

Is Shannon Hogan, who covers the Islanders for MSG+, expecting a child in 2022?

Shannon, the anchor, and reporter for MSG Network’s NY Islanders might or might not be pregnant as she hasn’t announced if she is expecting her second child with the media yet.

However, considering her images on her social media platforms, the journalist seems to have a baby bump; in contrast, she might have gained some weight. However, she has not revealed her waits in the latest posts, so we are wondering if Hogan is holding a new life in her tummy.

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Niamh, the Newborn Daughter of Shannon Hogan and Brendan Gorey

Hogan and Gorey’s lives have been transformed by the arrival of their beautiful daughter, Niamh. Niamh, the wonderful soul the journalist gave birth to over a year after she married her better half, turned three years old a few days ago.

The daughter of Shannon and Brendan has her birthdate on April 19th, making her a Taurus, whose astrological sign is associated with the Earth element and the Bull.

Will the Islanders’ Shannon Hogan’s pregnancy be announced on MSG+ in 2022?

Shannon’s fertility status is currently unknown. To date (May 2022) she has made no social media posts relating to the pregnancy. The New York Islanders’ MSG Network presenter is putting her job first.

Her Instagram images reveal that she has put on weight. However, this does not prove what she is expecting. It’s possible that she consumed nutritious snacks. Her close pals might know if she was pregnant.

Has Shannon Hogan tied the knot?

Has Shannon Hogan tied the knot?

In case you were wondering, Shannon Hogan is a married woman. Brendan Gorey, her partner, became her husband. She had gotten to know him well over the course of three years. She tied the knot on July 22nd, 2018, and it was a lovely ceremony.

Shannon and Brendan’s wedding anniversary is July 22nd, thus they celebrate on that day annually. Shannon, a well-known reporter, regularly shares her partner’s heartfelt social media messages on her own. Now that she has found someone to share her life with, she is thoroughly enjoying being a wife.

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