Skilyr Hicks, a Finalist on “America’s Got Talent,” Died at Age 23

skilyr hicks cause of death

In a Facebook post, Skilyr Hicks’ sister verified the news that the former “America’s Got Talent” star had passed away on Monday night. “My sister, who was stunningly gorgeous, brilliantly funny, and irrepressibly free-spirited, has gone to live with the Lord.

It’s impossible for me to express how heartbroken I am “Wednesday’s post came from Breelyn Hicks. “Insanely, I will miss her. I’ll never forget the sound of her voice, the comfort of her hugs, or the cleverness of her puns. The musical compositions she made moved tens of thousands of listeners.

Still, so much of her life might be enjoyed.” Continuing, Breelyn Hicks said that her sister was a beacon whose light shone “brighter than ever.” “As well as being my closest companion, you were also the foundation upon which I could always rely.

Without fail, we had each other’s backs. I want you to know how much I adore you and how much your musical legacy will be preserved in our thoughts, prayers, and memories. Your Music Will Be Your Legacy “The end, she said. In 2013, at the age of 14, Skilyr Hicks participated in Season 8 of “America’s Got Talent.”

The loss of her father inspired her to begin singing, she added. During one of the show’s segments, she admitted, “That was a pretty terrible moment for me.” “I was able to release all the pent-up feelings by listening to music.”

She didn’t make it to New York City for the live rounds of the NBC show, therefore she was eliminated early. TMZ claims that Skilyr Hicks was arrested after leaving the show for domestic abuse against a family member. However, in 2018, she was detained for drinking while underage.

What ultimately took the life of Skilyr Hicks?

What ultimately took the life of Skilyr Hicks?

Skier’s death was announced by TMZ on December 6, 2021; she aged only 23. Apparently, Skilyr was discovered dead at a friend’s house, as claimed by her mother, Jodi.

There was no agreed-upon explanation for her death offered by her loved ones, the police, or the coroner. Jodi mentioned that her daughter struggled with mental health difficulties like depression and substance misuse, but she did not specify what caused Skilyr’s death.

She continued by saying that Skilyr “would live on via her music” and that her daughter was deeply loved by the family. Jodi also shared that Skilyr, while alive, used music to aid those in need.

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Skilyr Hicks, the viral vocalist from America’s Got Talent

In 2013, during the eighth season of America’s Got Talent, Skilyr made her television debut at the tender age of 14. One of her original songs, “Second Chance,” was the one she sang. Unfortunately, she was eliminated before the finals.

When the singer was arrested for reportedly attacking three members of her family while intoxicated, the news made headlines all over again. Similarly, she was taken into custody for being an underage drinker. She used to perform at home in front of a camera and at public events in front of an audience, and then upload the videos to YouTube.

Reason for Skilyr Hicks’s Demise and His Passing

Reason for Skilyr Hicks's Demise and His Passing

As previously mentioned, Skilyr Hicks died in 2021 at the age of 23, nearly ten years after her debut appearance and performance on America’s Got Talent. It wasn’t until December 8th, 2021 that news spread that musician Skilyr Hicks had died on December 6th, 2021, at a friend’s residence.

Although it was not proven at the time, nor is it acknowledged publicly at this time, that Skilyr Hicks died as a result of an overdose. While it’s understandable that fans would be curious about the circumstances surrounding a celebrity’s death, it’s not unusual for the family to keep information like the cause of death private.

USA Today claimed that police were called to the home of a friend of Skilyr Hicks in order to deal with a “potential overdose,” but the results of the toxicology report were never made public, therefore it is unclear whether or not this was the actual cause of death.

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