The Top 5 Habit Tracking Apps to Help You Achieve Your Goals!

best habit tracker app

All of us might use some assistance in keeping tabs on the behaviours we wish to develop, like learning a new language, and getting rid of others, like that post-lunch e-cigarette break. Habit-tracking apps can help us remember — and adhere to — our goals, whether they are as simple as remembering to drink enough water and get enough sleep, or as complex as going to the gym regularly or reading more frequently before bed.

There are five habit-tracking apps listed below, but there isn’t one that will work for everyone. What is the finest aspect of utilising them? No matter the habit-tracking tool you choose, the more frequently you track your habits, the closer you’ll probably come to your ultimate objective.


Managing numerous habits at once is straightforward by using Streaks without compromising more sophisticated capabilities. Streaks have a bright, simple UI and support up to 12 personalised habits. It also includes a useful collection of adorable icons so you may personalise each new habit.

Additionally, it offers several ways to mark off a behaviour, lowering the friction associated with tracking, well, anything. On each iOS device, you own, tap a habit to continue your streak. You can even use Siri Shortcuts to say you’ve “quenched your thirst” or whatever other phrase you wish to associate with your newly tracked habit of drinking water.

Best Habit Tracker App

With more precise parameters, such as designated days and the number of completions per day, or timers for tracking activities like reading or meditating for a defined amount of time, you may tailor your habits.

Streaks also link with Apple Health, so if you’re attempting to increase your step count or water intake, that app will also update your progress when you log into Streaks or another connected health app. Can’t finish your routines in time?

Have you recently visited a task? Streaks will offer some valuable recommendations to help you get back on track, such as asking whether you’d want to start with minor habits and work your way up.

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When a companion is beside you on the trip, developing habits is easy. We appreciate the free HabitShare app for connecting users with their friends so they may track their habits and encourage one another. Despite having elements of a social network, HabitShare’s privacy settings are simple to manage, and you can decide what to share and with whom, if at all.

Best Habit Tracker App

When you track a habit with friends, you may see their most recent check-in date and give them messages with performance-related comments, ideally ones that are motivating. Although you may create reminders and particular tracking days, it has very limited possibilities for habit customization.


Tally describes itself as an “everything tracker,” which makes sense given how surprisingly straightforward the counting software is. Tally allows you to keep track of as many habits as you’d want and provides some rather sophisticated tools to do it, whether you’re tracking the cups of coffee you drink or how frequently you do that odd thing with your elbow.

Tally enables you to combine comparable habits into categories, make reminders, and filter your list to only display specific behaviours. It also supports widgets and Apple Watch complications. Additionally, you can write notes on each habit to give each tally some meaning. In order to keep track of your progress, you can sync them to either Dropbox or iCloud.

Best Habit Tracker App

Tally enables you to create goals for tallying, define which days you’re tracking a habit, reset your progress at predetermined intervals, and receive notifications to keep you on track. Through some vibrant line graphs, you may also see your development graphically.

With a $4.99 in-app upgrade, you can track as many habits as you’d like and have access to a few other features like multiple reminders and passcode protection. The free version of the programme only allows you to track three habits.


Enjoy graphs, charts, and lines? You’ll enjoy Strides, a habit-tracking tool that visually displays your progress and expected outcomes, making it simple to see how much (or little) progress you’ve made. Long-term habits like budgeting, monitoring fitness improvement, or keeping track of sleep lend themselves particularly well to it.

Habits, aims, averages, and projects are the four different types of tracking, each with its own set of appropriate instruments. You are able to create daily checklists, view all of your habits on a dashboard, and receive reminders for incomplete tasks to prevent streak breaks.

Best Habit Tracker App

You can choose from a list of model habits, such as contacting your mother more frequently or stretching every day, and Strides allows you to tag problematic habits, establish target streaks, and tag undesirable behaviours.

Additionally, it displays useful data in the form of pace lines, rolling averages, anticipated completion dates, and current streaks in its graphs. In order to help you prioritise your efforts, Strides can track projects and provide the status of each component. For $4.99 per month, you may track an infinite number of habits, sync them between iOS devices, and access the Strides online interface from anywhere to check on your progress toward your objectives.

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While habits can be a true chore, not all tasks are bad. At least if you’re logging said tasks in Habitica, some come with the promise of gold cash and exotic weapons. It’s a to-do list and habit tracker that also functions as an RPG, rewarding you with experience points and other game-related goodies for finishing the tasks or developing the habit (and costing you hit points when you miss one).

To-Dos, Habits, Dailies, and Rewards are the four categories that Habitica divides your activity into, and each one offers rewards and penalties for successfully completing and skipping activities, respectively. Your avatar, which is displayed as a pixelated gaming figure, can be customised as you level up with new armour, mounts, and weaponry.

Best Habit Tracker App

You can join forces with other Habitica users to accomplish shared objectives, such as going to the gym every day and fighting monsters together. Finding a partner to help you on your path to self-improvement will be simpler because it works on iOS, Android, and in your web browser. Forget a day? Each person sustains some injury. How’s that for taking responsibility?

Habitica is free, but you may support it by subscribing on a regular basis or making a one-time purchase of gems, which are used to buy things. If you wish to involve your entire family or small business, you can also enrol in paid group plans.

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