What Was BTB Savage’s Net Worth At The Time He Was Shot Dead?

BTB Savage is a rapper and musician on the rise. His music, which has elements of trap, hip-hop, and rap, has made him popular. In 2020, Savage became more well-known after his song “Dolce Gabbana” went viral on Instagram and TikTok.

He kept putting out popular songs like “Break the Bank” and “Add It Up,” which were known for their catchy hooks, raw energy, and lyrics that didn’t apologize for talking about money, success, and material things.

Even though BTB Savage has only been making music for a short time, he has worked with well-known rappers and musicians like Veeze and NLE Choppa. He has also been in a number of music videos and has done live performances at a number of shows and events.

Who is BTB Savage?

btb savage net worth

BTB Savage was an American musician and rapper. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and his real name was Brian Thompson. The authorities aren’t saying when BTB Savage was born, but his name is in the news about his death.

He went to Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas, after moving there. When BTB Savage was a child, he played basketball in school and wasn’t involved in music.

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BTB Savage Career

After getting his high school diploma, the rapper found out that he liked music. He then went into the music business and became famous and rich because of the BTB Savage song. However, he didn’t have enough money to pursue his dream job, so he joined the military to improve his finances.

BTB Savage’s military journey began when he tried to improve his situation by joining the army. However, it ended when he was arrested for fraud overseas. Here, BTB Savage’s time in the military ended. He was let go and sent back to Fort Hood, Texas. After that, he decided to take rap seriously.

BTB Savage’s Net Worth

btb savage net worth

BTB Savage’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million according to Vimbuzz. Although it’s hard to know how much a musician like BTB Savage is worth because he hasn’t made his financial information public.

As a new artist, he wants to build his career and make a name for himself in the music business.

Still, some of his songs are very popular, and he is getting more and more fans, so it seems likely that he has made a lot of money from his music.

A musician’s net worth can be affected by a number of things, such as the sales of albums, streaming royalties, concert tickets, merchandise, and endorsements.

BTB Savage may have made money from some or all of these things, as well as from working with other artists and companies and making deals with them.

BTB Savage Standing in Blood and Vladtv Interview

As soon as people around the world heard that BTB Savage had been killed by a gunshot, they started looking for information about his interview with DJ Vlad. In that interview, BTB Savage told DJ Vlad the following things.

In an interview, BTB Savage said that he and his girlfriend were targeted by a group of robbers who got into his house by saying they wanted to work with him on a song. As the men tried to rob the rapper, his girlfriend reportedly shot and killed at least one of the suspects.

BTB Savage Was Shot and Killed in Houston

btb savage net worth

Yesterday, BTB Savage is said to have been shot and killed in Houston (March 30). The news came just hours after he posted two pictures of himself standing at what looked like a crime scene where one of his enemies had been shot.

“Too much movement,” he wrote next to the pictures of him standing in front of a door to an apartment that had been hit by bullets. There are also spots on the floor and walls that look like blood.

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BTB Savage Crime Scene

btb savage net worth

Online, a lot of people thought that the aspiring artist was the victim. No Jumper tweeted yesterday, “BTB Savage was shot and killed hours after posting a picture of himself standing in the blood of the man he killed two months ago.” One user replied to their post with “Jesus Christ.”

Others thought that friends of the alleged victim of the young rapper’s social media post from yesterday were the ones who did the hit last night. Someone wrote, “The speed with which they killed BTB Savage must be a world record.” Another person said, “It’s crazy to see people’s last tweets. Bro was just laughing a little while ago. Life is very short.”

See what people think about the news below.