George Farmer’s Net Worth in 2022 Demonstrates His Achievement in A Variety of Commercial Activities.

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George Farmer's Net Worth

Following news that Kanye West, now known by his stage name Ye, was planning to buy the site, Parler CEO Geroge Farmer broke his silence. Geroge has played a significant role in Parler, but he also runs other enterprises, which will increase his net worth in 2022.

On October 17, it was made official that the business had made a deal to sell Parler to Ye. This comes after social media sites like Twitter and Instagram barred the artist.

Farmer, who is currently the CEO, also spoke up about the matter.

Who Is George Farmer?

Farmer is the current CEO of Parler, an Oxford University graduate working in the hedge fund industry. He received a theology degree upon graduation. According to The Sun, he was formerly the chairman of Turning Point UK.

He is also a former member of the Bullingdon Club. Farmer has a number of accomplishments to his credit, one of which is that in 2016, he joined the Leader’s Group as its youngest member.

George Farmer's Net Worth

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What Is His Net Worth?

The farmer reportedly has a $180 million net worth. He was named the CEO of Parler in 2018, and since then, he has played a significant role in formulating the brand’s growth strategy.

Farmer’s father, Michael Farmer, Baron Farmer, is a member of the British House of Lords, so he was constantly exposed to business strategies as he was growing up. He is a British businessman and the previous Conservative Party treasurer.

Farmer has helped his father with a number of projects over the years while also ensuring that he may advance his own profession.

George Farmer's Net Worth

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Ye Is Set to Buy Parler

Although the agreement has not yet been formally signed, it is almost complete. The rapper stated in a PR statement: “In a society where conservative beliefs are seen as provocative, we must ensure that we have the freedom to express ourselves.”

Farmer added: “This agreement will affect the world and the way the world views free expression. Ye is creating new ground in the field of free speech media and will no longer have to worry about being banned from social media.

Ye demonstrates his superiority against the narrative of the legacy media once more. It will be an honor for Parlement to support him in his endeavors.

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