The Surprising Net Worth of Jelly Roll: A Look at His Journey from Struggling Artist to Millionaire!

jelly roll net worth

Jelly Roll is a well-known American rapper and musician. People like his rap songs and albums, which helped him become more well-known and popular. The most well-known rap albums by Jelly Roll are Beautiful Disaster, No Filter, Year-round, and Goodnight Nashville.

It is the right place if you are here to know about Jelly Roll’s Net Worth, Career, and Personal Life.

How Did Jelly Roll Grow Up?

jelly roll net worth

On December 4, 1984, Jason DeFord was born in Nashville, Tennessee, in the southside neighborhood of Antioch. He grew up with his family and friends in the United States. He is an average-sized man who is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Jelly Roll loved pop and rap music a lot, and he wanted to be a well-known rapper, which he is now. He went to high school in the United States and got his diploma. After he finished high school, he went into the music business to advance his career.

What is Jelly Roll’s Net Worth?

jelly roll net worth

Jelly Roll’s net worth in 2023 is about $6 million as per Through his music, the artist made a lot of money. Spotify, YouTube, and his live music performances bring in a lot of his money to his fortune.

Jelly Roll started a YouTube account on December 8, 2009, where he posts all of his music videos and vlogs. He has over 1.63 million subscribers. Bunnie Xo was in several of his music videos, like “Dance With Ghosts” and “A Beautiful Disaster.” He was also in the news because of a fight with Waffle House.

The restaurant threatened to sue him because he put their name and logo on the cover of his song, which was called “Whiskey, Weed, and Waffle House.” After this fight, he changed the name of the song to “Whiskey, Weed, and Women.”

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How Jelly Roll Started His Rapping Journey?

jelly roll net worth

In 2010, Jelly Roll and Memphis rapper Lil Wyte made a song together called “Pop Another Pill.” More than 6.3 million people watched it on YouTube. This song led to the hip-hop group SNO’s album Year Round, which came out in April 2011 on the Hypnotize Minds label and was made by DJ Paul and Juicy J. XXL named SNO’s songs “Come Here White Girl” one of “The 10 Most Memorable White Rapper Collaborations.”

Jelly Roll put out a lot of mixtapes, like the “Gamblin’ on a Whiteboy” and “Therapeutic Music” series. His first studio album as a solo artist, The Big Sal Story, came out on October 26, 2012. He worked on two albums with Haystak, two albums with Lil Wyte, four albums with Struggle Jennings, and one album with Lil Wyte and BPZ as part of the group SNO.

Whiskey, Weed, & Women, a mixtape released by Jelly Roll in 2013, was originally called Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House, but the name was changed after the restaurant threatened to sue over the use of their name and logo on the cover. The “cease and desist” stamp took the place of the Waffle House logo on the new cover.9

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Let’s Take a Closer Look Into Jelly Roll’s Personal Life!

jelly roll net worth

Jelly Roll married Bunnie Xo on August 31, 2016. They met while he was performing in Las Vegas. The “trailer park Barbara Walters,” as she calls herself, is known for her work as an entrepreneur, podcast host, model, and YouTuber.

She started the Dumb Blonde podcast in April 2020 and has since started the Dumb Blonde Productions entertainment company. When Bunnie isn’t making a podcast or a video for YouTube, she posts about her life on Instagram, where she has more than 900k followers.

When Jelly Roll and Bunnie aren’t working, they often spend time with their kids. Several online sources say that the Son of a Sinner singer has four kids, three of whom are his own and one of whom he adopted.

When his 14-year-old daughter Bailee Ann joined him on stage at a concert in October 2022, fans got an inside look at his life as a dad. They sang Tears Could Talk as a duet, and then he let his daughter take the stage to show off her skills.

Jelly Roll has said before that Bailee is the one who made him change. He had been in and out of jail for years before she was born, but as soon as he found out he would be a dad, he changed his life so he could be there for her Jelly Roll told Taste of Country, “She’s 14 now, and I knew I had to change my life.”

“I started selling CDs and T-shirts out of the trunk of my car. I also put on local concerts and did anything else I could to support her without returning to a life of crime.”

Even though their parents are famous, little is known about their children because they tend to stay out of the spotlight and off social media.

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