Unveiling Thom Bierdz Impressive Net Worth – The Remarkable Rise from Tragedy to Triumph!

thom bierdz net worth

What Is Thom Bierdz Net Worth? American actor Thom Bierdz is best known for playing Phillip Chancellor III in the drama The Young and the Restless.

In the same way, his roles in St. Elmo’s Fire and Matlock are well-known. In addition to his work, he is known for having problems with his family. He seems to have made a lot of money from writing books and acting, so let’s find out more about his life and how much he is worth.

Thom Bierdz’s Early Life and Education

thom bierdz net worth

IMDb says that Thom Bierdz was born on March 25, 1962, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. His birth sign was Aries. He comes from different places and is an American.

Thom’s father is from Poland and his mother is from Italy, but no one knows their names. He grew up in his hometown with Troy Bierdz, Gregg Bierdz, and Kim Bierdz, his brothers and sister.

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Thom Bierdz Net Worth

American actor Thom Bierdz has a $5 million net worth as per allfamousbirthday.com. As a result of his roles in movies and TV shows, he made a good living and amassed a lot of money.

Thom makes about $39.84 per hour, or $50,110 per year, in the United States. The star could also get a bonus of $1,006, a commission of $8,000, and a profit share of $600 (The stats may vary according to the current year).

How Thom Bierdz Started His Career and How Is It Going?

From 1986 to 1989, he was on The Young and the Restless. In 2004, he came back for a “dream sequence,” and in a surprising turn of events, he played the role again in May 2009, 2010, and 2011.

He also had a recurring role as Hank, Sarah’s abusive boyfriend, on Melrose Place. Other TV appearances include guest spots on Murder, She Wrote (1994 and 1995), Matlock (1993), Robin’s Hoods (1994), Highway to Heaven (1986), Win, Lose, or Draw (1989), and The New Hollywood Squares (1988, 1989). Bierdz played Bobby Burton on the web series Old Dogs New Tricks in 2012 and 2013.

In 2008, Bierdz helped start American Art Awards. Since then, he has been president of a prestigious online art competition that gives awards every year to the best galleries and museums in the United States. Based on their reviews, the competition awards more than 300 artists in 50 categories from more than 60 countries. In 2023, he started a similar online competition called World Art Awards.

Thom Bierdz’s Tragedies: From Mother’s Death To Brother’s Suicide

thom bierdz net worth

Thom has a successful and happy life now, especially with his partner by his side. However, he came out of a dark place and had a lot of family problems.

Unfortunately, Troy Bierdz, his youngest brother, was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, which has caused problems for his family in the past.

Troy killed their mother with a baseball bat on July 14, 1989. He was put in prison for life in Wisconsin. Even though his brother Troy killed his mother, Thom still forgave him.

Thom even wrote a book called “Forgiving Troy” about how powerful it is to forgive someone. He even made it clear that the way to be true to yourself is to forgive.

But that wasn’t the end of his bad luck. Gregg Bierdz, his other brother, killed himself in May 2002, which broke up the family. Hope, Thom’s sister, stood by him through all the bad things that happened. But in spite of everything, he has grown as a person and now has a better view of his life.

After all the bad things that happened in his family, he put more attention on his job. In 2006, he wrote a second book called “Young Gay and Restless,” in which he wrote about his relationships with men.

He is active on social media, where he finds out about his latest news and day-to-day activities. But there hasn’t been any news about his partner.

He has written a lot of books, which have helped him make millions of dollars.

Is Thom Bierdz Gay?

Yes, Thom Bierdz Is Openly Gay. In his personal life, Bierdz is a member of the LGBTQ community who is open about being gay. At that time, he hadn’t openly said if he had a girlfriend, a partner, or a wife. But later it was revealed that he is dating someone keep reading to find out who is he dating.

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Who Is Thom Bierdz Dating?

thom bierdz net worth

Thom Bierdz Is Dating Ron Morgan. Thom Bierdz got thousands of letters from teenage girls who liked him, and he used to be a lot of girls’ crush. But when Thom came out as gay, he broke everyone’s hearts.

In the 1980s, when Thom was trying to become an actor, he lied about being gay. But now things have changed and he is dating his partner openly. He has been with his partner for a long time and they are very happy together.

Thom’s partner, Ron Morgan, has won his heart and is now his boyfriend. There is no reliable way to find out when Thom met his partner and when they started dating. But he loves posting about how much he loves his partner on social media.

Thom has been open about his friendship with Ron, and he often talks about Ron in his Facebook posts. Thom said in one of his posts that his boyfriend is a great photographer who often takes photos that show perfection.

In his posts, he talked about how he met his boyfriend in 2012, and it seems like they are still together today. In 2016, Thom posted a picture to Facebook with a caption that said he had forgotten to get married and have kids.

This shows that he didn’t get married until 2016, but the caption also made it sound like he was looking forward to saying “I do.” But as of today in 2023, no one knows anything about their wedding.

Thom had been through some heartbreaking family tragedies, but he was happy with his boyfriend.

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