As Prince Louis Misses the Queen’s Burial, Home Alone Memes Go Viral

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As Prince Louis Misses the Queen's Burial, Home Alone Memes Go Viral

The fact that Prince Louis skipped the Queen’s burial on Monday, September 19, has given rise to a barrage of amusing memes.

A tweet that read: “Would love to see a Home Alone type video featuring Prince Louis left to his own devices at Buckingham Palace” went viral, and that’s how it all began. utter carnage, I suppose.

George and Charlotte, the cheeky 4-year-older old’s siblings, were present during the service, but the couple’s newest arrival was nowhere to be found.

Though it’s more likely that he was simply too young, many people joke that he wasn’t permitted to attend the funeral because of his entertaining antics during the Platinum Jubilee.

Louis gained viral fame during the celebrations in June when he made goofy expressions from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The adorable little royal stole the show as they watched the parade by thumbing his nose, covering his ears with his hands, and giving the peace sign.

Now, as jokes about the cheeky man’s activities at home, while the funeral was being held, are trending on Twitter, comparisons to Kevin from the 1990 film Home Alone are being made.

Some of the funnier ones are seen here.

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Queen Elizabeth II has sadly passed away – HITC

Twitter Is Flooded with Prince Louis Memes

Prince Louis at home watching CBeebies’ coverage of the funeral:

Like Hugh Grant in this famous Love Actually scene, he was probably dancing:

When William and Kate arrived at their house on Monday:

He has the personality, without a doubt:

Leaving the youngest royal to his own devices:

The moment Prince Louis’s family arrived home:

He was undoubtedly glued to Channel 5’s The Emoji Movie.

Louis texts the family talk in the following ways:

His Jubilee misdeeds have been recorded in history:

How is Prince Louis adjusting to life at home?

I sure hope these two didn’t show up:

When he learned Meghan may leave:

Evil grin

Intruder being repelled by Louis at Buckingham Palace:

Prince Louis Jubilee memes revisited

Let’s revisit the funniest responses to Prince Louis’ comical behavior during the Trooping of the Colour spectacle in June since he is now a meme once more.

Monday morning, I:

When he noticed the person seated behind him:

Spirit animal for the world in 2022:

He was asked if he wanted to listen to Radio 4 by someone.

He used all available emojis:

So enduring:

If a sailor suit is required of you:

His Royal Highness’s message:

My week is Prince Louis:

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