Is It Cheaper to Get a Tattoo on Friday the 13th Now that 2022 Discounts Have Taken Over?

Are tattoos cheaper on Friday the 13th as 2022 deals take over

Friday the 13th has arrived, bringing with it a slew of tattoo bargains for 2022, but are tattoos actually cheaper on this day?

People who enjoy getting tattoos anticipate Friday the 13th in the hopes of getting a good deal at the best shop. Unfortunately, this day only happens three times a year, which means you’ll have to wait a long time for the next one.

Regardless, tattoo artists and businesses have repeatedly marketed this as Friday the 13th approaches.

Are tattoos cheaper on Friday the 13th as 2022 deals take over

Are tattoos cheaper on Friday the 13th?

According to The Vice, the practice began in 1995 when tattoo artists like Oliver Peck and others aspired to accomplish something unique. The one-day event was an immediate success, and it didn’t take long for additional people and artists to follow suit.

The day is known as the “Black Friday” of tattoos, according to the site. Most tattoos cost around $13 and individuals only get to keep them for a day.

What special deals take place on Friday the 13th?

Apart from offering tattoos for $13 on Friday the 13th, most businesses also offer special designs for the occasion.

The deal, however, differs from store to store. For example, some shops only offer a limited number of tattoos to customers, and if you want to change them, you’ll have to pay extra.

Meanwhile, some companies or artists provide discounts on anything with a frightening theme, such as a black cat, a castle, or similar items.

How many Friday the 13th are there in 2022?

Are tattoos cheaper on Friday the 13th as 2022 deals take over

This year, there is only one Friday the 13th, which falls in May. Next year, though, Friday the 13th will fall in two separate months: January and October.

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There is just one Friday the 13th this year that falls in the month of May. Friday the 13th will, however, fall in two separate months next year, namely January and October.

Tattoo fans will have the opportunity to acquire their favorite tattoos twice. Until then, we recommend that you look for deals near your lodging to take advantage of the offer while it lasts.

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