Did Rihanna Celebrate Her 35th Birthday with ASP Rocky by Announcing Her Baby Bump?


On her birthday, Rihanna was having fun! The expectant singer, who celebrated her 35th birthday on Monday, looked lovely as she dined with her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, and friends at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California.

The birthday girl wore a white minidress with sandals to complete her special day attire. A black coat made of snakeskin was slung over her shoulders to keep her warm. For two hours, Rihanna, Rocky, and her guests partied inside.

The “Work” singer reportedly dined with family and friends at the Italian restaurant, which was decorated with balloons in her honor. A family-style supper and a fondant cake with a Rihanna figure were served to Rihanna and her friends. According to the source, “the venue was decked with metallic balloons filling every square inch of the ceiling and there was a Piata.”

The singer’s most recent Super Bowl performance, the source claims, served as inspiration for Rihanna’s hopes for the new year. The source claims that Rihanna wants to keep riding this creative wave because she is still feeling good after the Super Bowl. During her 35th year, she has many ideas!

Their birthday of Rihanna follows a number of very significant occurrences. The singer made the announcement that she was having her second child with Rocky last week while performing at the Super Bowl halftime performance.

The musicians’ 9-month-old baby made his public debut on the cover of British Vogue, where they also made an appearance.

The singer talked about her “Legendary” maternity journey within the magazine, admitting that she was unaware of her pregnancy at the time of the spread.

“I essentially split into two people. You enter the hospital as a couple and exit as a three-person family. It’s crazy, “The Oscar-nominated singer stated, thinking back on having a child. “And those first few days are really crazy. You do not snooze. At all. Never mind even if you wanted to. We returned home alone and without anyone.

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Only our infant and we as parents were present. Dude, for the most part, you’re a zombie. Even though you’re just going through the motions, you’re extremely paranoid. because you’re thinking, “They trusted us to bring this baby home?” We’re just going home; there are no nurses or physicians here.”

In terms of parenting, Rihanna claimed that she and Rocky are “best friends with a baby” and that the father-son relationship is already the strongest.

When asked about Rocky’s relationship with their son, she said, “Everything changes when you have a baby, but I wouldn’t say it’s done anything but made us closer.” “Whenever they’re together, I’m simply watching from the sidelines. I’m literally the girl waiting for her time to enter the boys club. He is fixated on his father. Their relationship is obvious.”

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