How Does Truck GPS Tracking Work and What Is It?

Modern technology called GPS vehicle tracking is put in trucks and provides actual data into fleet management software while also displaying driver assistance data inside the cab. 

What Is the Process for GPS tracking in Trucks? 

Businesses in Kentucky can use GPS truck tracking systems to observe and understand when, when, and how their trucks are being used, as well as details like driving habits and maintenance warnings. 

GPS truck tracking functions are as follows:

  1. Truck GPS trackers link to a vehicle’s Verification code or similar diagnostics port and are compact, simple-to-install gadgets. These gadgets communicate crucial information to the home office via wireless or satellite data networks for analysis and 3.
  2. Several devices do real-time data collection from the truck and its driver. 
  • Devices include GPS units, which can be used to determine position, ignition status, and odometer data.
  • Accelerometers determine when a car starts to move or stop and record hard braking, hard acceleration, and hard cornering events.
  • Cameras that record video of the roads and the rider in high quality. AI-based cameras can also detect and warn of unsafe driving practices like overtaking, speeding, stopping at red lights without signaling and driving while distracted.
  1. The data captured is then used in two ways:
  • Some forms of data are used to provide the driver with real-time alerts and notifications. For example, AI cameras warn drivers that they are driving with distraction when they pick up their phone or overtake. 
  • The data is fed into the fleet management system, which records and organizes the data such that the business can know about the facts. The most common functionality shows vehicle location, compliance, workflow efficiency, and maintenance. 

What Are the Business Benefits of GPS tracking?

For owners and operators, GPS tracking offers a wealth of advantages. When adopting GPS truck monitoring, companies have access to quick, credible data about their trucking operations, which helps them make better business decisions. 

The following are the top 5 advantages of GPS truck tracking:

  • Improved compliance and safety
  • Lower fuel prices
  • Reduced operating costs overall
  • A rise in productivity
  • Improved communication

Advantages for Drivers of Truck GPS Technology  

Truck drivers can also benefit from GPS tracking systems. A system must encourage driver adoption to be successful. Benefits to drivers include:

Safety and protection: Driving is among the riskiest professions, and weariness is a major factor in truck accidents. A good GPS can help identify driver weariness and prevent situations, thereby shielding drivers from false insurance claims. Even if you meet with an accident, it’s wise to hire a Kentucky truck accident lawyer to seek assistance. 

Plans for Incentive: Businesses can utilize a GPS truck monitoring system to incentivize drivers for safe driving. Put incentive and recognition programs in place by monitoring driver behavior and rating their performance.

Workflow: With more efficiently organized workflows, drivers may spend more time driving, which is what they do best. GPS vehicle tracking systems can shorten long waits at delivery and pickup locations by enhancing communication, automating procedures, and capturing digital signatures.

What to Look for When You Intend to Buy Truck Tracking Software? 

There are many different sizes and styles of GPS systems. Here are some qualities to look for in truck tracking software. 

Real-time data: The proper information is essential for making smart business decisions. 

Simplicity: The adoption of a system depends on its simplicity. The usability of your truck tracking software should be prioritized for backend systems and in-cab devices, notably when it pertains to reporting and analytics. 

Mobility: Accessing data from any location is essential for maintaining a fleet’s productivity. 

All the potential of truck monitoring systems is now in your hands. 

Over to You

To conclude, there are many benefits of using truck tracking software in your vehicle; it is good for business and also aids the drivers. Hope this article helps you understand your chances of safely tracking your vehicles.  

How Does Truck GPS Tracking Work and What Is It?