Lucy Letby Facts: Everything You Should Know About The Infant Serial Killer Nurse

Lucy Letby Facts Lucy Letby, the 33-year-old nurse who was supposed to take care of the newly born babies and give a little extra care to the babies born with special needs, brought the deepest darkest fears of new parents to life. The nurse has been found guilty of murdering seven babies at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

The case has shocked the entire nation. The public as well as the jury was left shunned with the revelation of the details of the case. Everyone was left curious about the serial killer and her motive of killing the new born babies.

Keep reading the article to know more about Lucy Letby, the serial killer who brutally killed seven new born babies and tried to kill six more.

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Lucy Letby Facts

lucy letby facts

  • Lucy Letby, now 33, started working in the neonatal unit at Countess of Chester Hospital in 2011. Prosecutor Johnson stated the statistical facts which claim a sudden rise in the number of ‘babies who were dying and in number of serious catastrophic collapses’ during the time Letby was a neonatal nurse.
  • Lucy Letby has faced a total of 22 charges related to the deaths and further attempted murders. After trial, she was convicted of 14 out of possible 22 counts.
  • The prosecution presented handwritten notes by Lucy Letby in which she described herself as a ‘horrible evil person’ and confessed to have ‘killed them on purpose’. However, one of the handwritten notes also proclaimed her innocence. It stated- “I haven’t done anything wrong and they have no evidence so why have I had to hide away?”
  • Letby claimed in the court that she is innocent and did her best to take care of the babies and the infant deaths could be related to alleged plumbing issues in the hospital.

“We used to have raw sewage coming out of the sinks [and] coming out on the floor in nursery one,” she alleged, also claiming that staff being unable to wash their hands could be “a contributory issue.”

  • Lucy Letby was first suspected by fellow doctor at the Hospital, Dr. Jayaram in 2015. She was then arrested on suspicion in 2018 after the Cheshire Constabulary launched its own investigation into the deaths in May 2017. She was again caught and arrested in 2019. And was finally remanded in custody following her November 2020 arrest.

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When Did The Trial Take Place?

lucy letby facts

The trial began in October 2022. Lucy Letby was tried at the manchester Crown Court in England and was convicted on 18 August 2023. On 21 August 2023, she was sentences to life in prison.

“Because the seriousness of your offenses is exceptionally high, I direct that the early release provisions do not apply. he order of the court therefore is whole life order on each and every offense and you will spend the rest of your life in prison.”

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Lucy Letby’s Parents On Her Sentencing

lucy letby facts

Lucy Letby’s parents John Letby and Susan Letby atteneted the trial of their daughter. However, they were not present in the court at the time of her sentencing. Mirror also reported that Lucy Letby’s parents are said to move 250 miles from their family home so that they can live near the prison where their serial killer daughter is locked up. The Mail reported that the nwighbors of the couple have stated that the parents of the serial killer nurse might not return to their home in Hereford and might move closer to HMP Low Newton.

“At first, they spent all their time at the back of the house and never even answered the phone. Then when the trial began last year, they rented a flat in Manchester so that they could attend the proceedings. This is a friendly cul-de-sac and people do feel for them, but I guess there will always be a bit of finger-pointing, and more so as new people move in who never knew John and Susan.”