Malia Obama Isn’t Pregnant with Rapper Future’s Baby, It’s Just a Joke

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Malia Obama's Alleged Pregnancy by Rap Star Future Is a Farce

The most outrageous celebrity rumour to date has to be the one claiming that Malia, the daughter of former US President Barack Obama, is expecting Future’s child.

For the past week, the false rumour has been spreading like wildfire on Twitter. Some individuals were gullible enough to believe it, but others kept asking where these absurd claims are coming from.

If we haven’t made it abundantly clear, Malia Obama is not expecting Future’s child in 2022, and the fact that so many people are falling for the hoax demonstrates that some internet users today are willing to believe anything.

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Rapstreet TV ( shared a blog entry.

Where Rumours About Malia Obama and Future Originated

The fabricated rumours about Malia and Future got their start after a humour-focused Instagram page called Rapstreet TV uploaded a photo featuring a composite of the two celebrities’ images.


On September 6th, the post—clearly designed as a joke—was published.

The caption, which reads: “BREAKING: It is said that #future and Malia Obama are expecting their first child together, will make anybody reading it squeal with delight. Many people were shocked by this discovery because Malia and Future’s relationship had previously been kept a secret.

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The length of Malia’s pregnancy is unknown, however, sources close to Future claim that she has been allegedly banging that b***h for some time. Are people glad for Malia and Future, or are they not?

Such posts are abundant on Rapstreet TV’s Instagram profile, which has over 32,000 followers and is definitely full of false information. The page’s readers are only meant to be amused; actual celebrity news is not its intended purpose.

Fans React to ‘Future Getting Malia Pregnant’ Rumour

Other recent posts from them include the following: “BREAKING: NICK CANNON is formally NEUTERED.” That is also a joke.

People who didn’t understand the message from Rapstreet TV were quick to believe the rumours and tweeted it out. Others were just perplexed.

Did future become pregnant with one of Obama’s daughters? Which daughter wtf,” a stunned user commented.

Does the future become Obama’s daughter’s father? Dawg” penned another.

“If Future gets Malia Obama pregnant, Ik absolutely sure we’re living in a simulation,” another user commented.

Why do people believe Future caused Obama’s daughter to become pregnant?

one user who was perplexed.

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Former Us President Obama’s Daughter Is Dating Dj Dawit Eklund

Different comments were made by those who recognised the Instagram image for what it is—a joke.

Twitter user: “The idea that people actually think Malia Obama and Future are having a baby together will kill me forever.”

Malia, 24, is supposedly dating Dawit Eklund, a music producer, DJ, and performer, who is 32 years old.

According to photos obtained by Daily Mail, the couple was recently seen out and about in New York City.

exception | Official Trailer | Netflix

Jon Eklund, Dawit’s father, is a retired State Department official, and Yeshi, his mother, is Ethiopian at age 66. The artist is a co-founder of the Ethiopian music-focused record label 1432 R, which is situated in Washington, D.C.

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