Ryan Seacrest Is Leaving ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan,’ and Mark Consuelos Is Joining a Daytime Show.

During Thursday’s broadcast, the host broke the news and named his successor: Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos, who has stood in for Seacrest before, will now host the show full-time. Live with Kelly and Mark will be the new name of the syndicated programme.

During Thursday’s broadcast, Seacrest said that he will periodically return to the show as a guest co-host. Seacrest announced the announcement live on air on Thursday, calling it a “difficult, tough choice” that he and Ripa had been discussing “for a long time.”

A year ago, Seacrest stated, “we chatted, and I made the choice to make this my last season as co-host.” He described his departure as “bittersweet.” You are a precious diamond. You are one of my closest friends, and the nicest part of this whole thing is that you’ve become like a member of my family, Ripa said to him. You’re related to me.

Every one of us here adores you. There are few things in the life of which we are more proud than you. Believe me, I understand the price you paid. I can only imagine how draining it has been to constantly make the trip [between New York and Los Angeles].

The two hosts appeared emotional as they hugged at the end of their announcement, with Seacrest promising Ripa he wouldn’t weep and joking before the commercial that they were taking a break so he could cry.

In a statement, Seacrest reflected on his six years working with Kelly, calling it “a dream job” and “one of the joys of my career.” We will always be a part of one other’s life, and while she has been a wonderful partner, friend, and confidant, I will miss our mornings together.

I’d like to extend my appreciation to [executive producer] Michael Gelman and the rest of the team and crew; together, we’ve created indelible memories, connected with extraordinary individuals, and been welcomed with open arms into the homes of many Americans.

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It’s been an incredible journey, and I couldn’t be happier to hand things off to Kelly’s “Actual” spouse, Mark. I’m so thankful to have spent the previous six years with my great friend of too many decades to list, and I’ll miss sharing my mornings with Ryan,” Ripa continued.

Ryan’s boundless enthusiasm, dedication, and devotion to the world of fun are unparalleled. Although having agreed to remain for only three years, Seacrest stayed with the show for a total of six years. In order to continue hosting American Idol on ABC, he wants to go back to the West Coast.


Ryan Seacrest will go on as host of the annual Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve celebration. While Seacrest joked that he was leaving owing in part to the brutal New York winters, he admitted that the “true joy” of doing the programme every day had extended his initial three-year commitment.

Although “goodbyes” are never easy, Gelman assured that Ryan would always be welcome back at his company. Mark is no new to the Live family; he has been a fan-favourite guest presenter for a long time. This is a dream come true for us, and we know the audience will feel the same way about having him on the show.

Hiring Consuelos is a precise reimagining of the show’s original premise from its 1983 debut as The Morning Show. According to Gelman, “the real notion of the performance in a symbolic sense is that they are husband and wife.”

They’re all sitting around with coffee in hand and discussing the latest events in casual conversation. This style of programming may be traced back to the earliest days of radio with shows like “Breakfast with the Fitzgeralds.”

From its inception as The Morning Show, the show has gone through various host and title changes, such as Live with Regis and Kathie Lee (1988–2000). Ripa has been a co-host of Regis Philbin’s show since 2001.

After Philbin’s departure in 2011, Michael Strahan was brought in as his replacement. In 2016, Strahan left the morning programme, and Seacrest was soon after hired to take over. Having her spouse join her as a co-host, Ripa said on Thursday’s broadcast, would be “the nation’s craziest sociological experiment.”

She did say, though, that Consuelos is “the only person who I think is capable of holding [Seacrest’s] flame the way [he] carried it.” According to recent ratings, Live with Kelly and Ryan is the most popular daytime talk show among both total viewers and women aged 25 to 54.