The Breakup Between xQc and Adept Has Disappointed Twitch Viewers!

The Breakup Between xQc and Adept Has Disappointed Twitch Viewers!

Adept and xQ, a popular couple on Twitch, announced their breakup in their most recent streams. Many of their admirers were devastated by the drama that followed the separation announcement.

On September 15, xQc broke the news of their breakup in his broadcast, saying, “I had to make a choice, I was trapped into choosing between family and Sammy. And yet, given what transpired, I cannot simply “choose” family since doing so would amount to, oh, admitting responsibility.

Adept was furious after being caught off guard by the breakup news. She criticized her ex-boyfriend, saying: “I don’t understand why he feels the need to make an announcement. I begged him for a brief period of privacy so that you guys wouldn’t do exactly what you’re doing right now.

xQc and Adept Have Broken up Again

The Overwatch pro talked about his breakup on Twitch during his stream on Thursday. He admitted that there was some hostility between his family and Sam, his girlfriend.

After teasing fans for roughly two years and playing the “just roommate” card, the couple made their relationship public in 2021. Due to the large Twitch fan bases of xQc and Adept, many people rejoiced when they announced their partnership.

It hasn’t been simple for them to manage a relationship in the public glare, either. In August 2021, shortly after going public, the pair split up. At the time, XqC stated without providing any information that the breakup had happened following an altercation.

However, the pair was able to make up and continue their relationship the moment.

This time, their breakup has drawn considerable attention because both streamers have discussed it and provided their perspectives on the matter on their channels.

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The Drama Between xQc and Adept

An angry Adept joined her stream after xQc announced their breakup and referred to him as “manipulative.”

xQc disclosed that there were issues between his family and his girlfriend while breaking up with her. He added that things between his brother, his significant other, and Adept had not been nice.

The star was cited by SportsKeeda as saying, “I love my brother, I love my family, but he and his girlfriend, and me and Sammy (Adept), we just couldn’t, we couldn’t, it’s just not feasible.” When we all arrived here, there was tension, just as there was friction when I was at my brother’s place.

The Drama Between xQc and Adept

“I was forced to choose between my family and Sammy when I had to make a decision. And regrettably, I can’t just “pick” my family since that would be like, oh, admitting that it was my fault, he said.

In addition, despite being one of the top performers set to attend QT Cinderella’s S**T Camp on September 5, he said that the breakup was the reason he decided not to go. But Adept disputed the such assertion.

Adept, 28, commented in response to xQc’s news of their breakup, saying: “Yeah, of course, he’s only talking great things about me to manipulate everyone, like I realize that.”

He made the decision to defy all of my instructions and do whatever the f**k he wanted, whenever the f**k he wanted. What else is new, I suppose?

Adept also disclosed that there had been issues in the couple’s marriage for some time. When I requested genuine quiet and seclusion, he threatened it and held it over my head for weeks. Then, whoosh! Nice, here’s this.

He claims that it is his fault, but once more, it is manipulation, and I begged that certain things not be spoken, she added.

On September 16, the ex-couple even got on a call and started bickering about the specifics of their split while over 100,000 people watched them live.

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Twitch Stars’ Breakup Saddens Fans

After watching both of them stream for years, a fan commented, “It’s really sad to see xQc and Adept dispute on stream; they used to be so happy together dude.”

“Hey, what’s going on with xQc and Adept? Another fan added, “I’m so confused buddy,” along with a sobbing emoji.

Another heartbroken fan added, “The xQc and Adept situation is just so sad to watch.”

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