What Does the Interior of The Royal Vault Look Like? Investigating the Last Resting Place

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What Does the Interior of The Royal Vault Look Like?

The Royal Vault, located beneath St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor, houses the graves of 24 members of the Royal Family. Since the fifteenth century, it has served as the royal cemetery.

Her Late Majesty won’t be interred in the Royal Vault, but rather in Windsor. Instead, she will rest in the King George VI Memorial Chapel beside her late sister, Princess Margaret, and her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

She will be laid to rest next to Prince Phillip, whose bones are now kept in the royal vault. After the funeral, The Dean of Windsor will perform a private burial service.

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The Royal Vault’s Interior

St. George’s Chapel is 16 feet below the Royal Vault. The burial chamber, which is lined with stones, is 28 feet broad and 70 feet long. The vault was created during the reign of King George III, and after his death in 1820, he was the first to be interred inside.

Senior and junior members of the Royal Family can rest in peace in the crypt, which was built for that purpose. The royals were formerly interred in Westminster Abbey. There is a capacity for 44 bodies, and the sides of the walls can store 32 coffins.

Additionally, there are 12 additional spaces between the stone tables in the center. An iron gate is used to secure the vault’s entry. A modest altar can be found at the far end of the vault.

It has served as the royals’ temporary and permanent resting place since it was constructed. Some were moved from their original cemeteries to be buried next to the family. Others, such as Prince Phillip, have been temporarily buried there while they await their final resting place.

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Access to the Vault

The general public can attend services at St. George’s Chapel but is not permitted access to the Royal Vault. Past monarchs and their loved ones are interred under the chapel’s aisles, though you won’t be able to see the tombs inside the vault.

As a result, many of the deceased, including King Charles I, King Henry VIII, and Jane Seymour, will have memorial stones visible.

This week is likely to be busy at the chapel and its surroundings as the country grieves the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Up to 500 people, including royalty and foreign leaders, are anticipated at Her Late Majesty’s funeral.

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