Why Rihanna Didn’t Get Paid for Performing at The Super Bowl

Rihanna performed a high-flying halftime show but wasn’t compensated for her attendance during Sunday’s Super Bowl, which attracted about 113 million people.

Joanna Hunter, a representative for the NFL, said to Forbes in 2016. “We do not pay the artists.” Costs for production and expenses are covered by us.

In an interview with Newsweek last year, NFL vice president of communications Brian McCarthy explained that headliners do receive union scale, which is paid to the union and then dispersed to performers.

Although the artists are paid on a union basis, he said that there is no appearance charge. For a high-budget event like the Super Bowl, SAG-AFTRA, the organization that represents most actors, may have a minimum wage requirement of roughly $1,000 per day.

However, to Rihanna, who is estimated to be worth over $1.4 billion, this would be a pittance. Nevertheless, the event benefits both the NFL and the headlining act as record sales frequently soar after a high-profile performance.


After her 2017 performance, according to Forbes, Lady Gaga’s sales jumped by 1,000%. While the NFL shells out an alleged excess of $1 million for production expenditures, some artists have begun digging into their own resources to ensure that their concert is precisely how they want it.

The Weeknd and Dr. Dre both spent almost $7 million of their own money on their Super Bowl performances, according to Forbes. Rihanna remarked during a press conference prior to the event last week, “I become engaged with every part of anything that I do.

“The Super Bowl, a beauty product, or Savage underwear are all popular topics right now. The website’s text is what I want to see. Every lip product I create will have a name. My name must stand behind that, whether it flies or fails.”

If Rihanna covered any of her own production expenditures, Fox Business spoke with a representative for the singer.

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While Being Hoisted and Lowered onto A Stage with Hundreds of Backing Dancers, Rihanna Sang Favourites Including “We Found Love,” “Only Girl (in the World),” and “rude Boy” in A Red Jumpsuit that For the First Time Made Her Baby Belly Visible.

She had been away from music for six years, focusing on other projects including her Fenty Beauty makeup line. With this performance, she made a triumphant return.

A spokeswoman for the singer revealed Rihanna’s pregnancy after the halftime act.