7 Hottest And Most Viral TikTok Trends Over 2023

It’s almost time to bid adieu to 2023 and welcome the exciting unknown of 2024. But before we step into the new year, let’s take a fun stroll down memory lane. What better way to sum up the year than by revisiting the trends that had us all hooked on TikTok? From dance crazes that got the world moving to the viral hacks that changed our daily lives, 2023 was a rollercoaster of trends. Let’s see what had us double-tapping and attempting those challenge-worthy moves all year long!

7 TikTok Trends That Rocked In 2023

1. #RetroRevival Dance Moves

2023 was a total time warp in the best way possible! We saw TikTok become a dance floor for all those classic moves from the past. The #RetroRevival had everyone from teens to grandparents grooving to 80s aerobics beats and 70s disco tunes.

Let’s be honest, these weren’t just dance moves. They were a ticket to nostalgia, bringing back the funky fashion and upbeat vibes. The beauty of this trend? It was a blend of nostalgia and newness, showing that good rhythms never go out of style!

2. #EcoChallenge

This trend was a breath of fresh, clean air! The #EcoChallenge made sustainability cool and doable. People shared creative ways to reduce waste, from DIY composting tips to fashioning old clothes into trendy new outfits.

It was a whole lifestyle movement. This trend showed that small changes can make a big difference, and it’s cool to care for our planet.

3. #TikTokMadeMeTryIt

Oh, the power of TikTok! #TikTokMadeMeTryIt was the ultimate influencer trend, where users shared their experiences trying out products, recipes, or even life hacks they found on the app. It was a wild mix of hits and misses but mostly hits.

We saw everything from kitchen gadgets to watermelon delta 8 gummies going viral. This trend was about community and trust — people were more willing to try something new if it came recommended by fellow TikTokers.

4. #MindfulMoments

In a world that’s always on the go, #MindfulMoments was like a virtual zen zone. Users shared their journeys in meditation, yoga, and personal affirmations. It was about finding peace amidst chaos and taking a moment to just breathe.

This trend was a reminder that mental health is just as important as physical health. And yes, sometimes, all we need is to pause and reflect.

5. #PetParade

Everyone’s favorite — the #PetParade! 2023 saw our furry, feathery, and even scaly friends taking over TikTok. This trend was all about showcasing the endless charm and antics of pets.

From heartwarming rescue stories to hilarious pet fails, it reminded us why we love our animal companions so much. It was pure joy, laughter, and sometimes a few tears, all wrapped up in adorable videos.

6. #FitnessFrenzy

Gone (hopefully!) are the days of intimidating workout routines. #FitnessFrenzy in 2023 was about making fitness fun and accessible to everyone. We saw dance workouts, family workout challenges, and creative at-home exercises.

For many of us, this trend made fitness less about the grind and more about enjoyment and self-love. The best thing is that it wasn’t just about getting fit. It was about celebrating all body types and embracing movement in any form.

7. #BookTok

Last but definitely not least, #BookTok kept the love for reading alive and thriving. This literary corner of TikTok was where book lovers congregated to share their favorite reads, discuss character arcs, and sometimes even create book-themed TikTok challenges. From uncovering hidden gems to reigniting interest in classic literature, #BookTok was a bibliophile’s dream come true.

And there you have it — the top 7 TikTok trends that had us glued to our screens in 2023. These trends were all about connection, creativity, and community. As we look forward to what 2024 has in store, let’s keep this energy going! Stay trendy, stay connected, and most importantly, have fun!