Choosing the Top Car Accident Attorney in Boulder: Here is an Easy Guide for You

The World Health Organization estimates that 1.3 million deaths worldwide are caused by car crashes every year. If you are wounded in a car accident, you may have to negotiate with health insurers to get the insurance you need to pay your medical expenses. 

If you hire one of the top car accident attorneys on your side, you will have a warrior fighting for you to ensure that you receive the compensation you are due.  

Tips to help you choose the best car accident attorney

Find attorneys with a great deal of experience

Some lawyers handle all types of cases rather than specializing in any one field of law. You’re better suited to hiring a lawyer or legal firm with years of expertise in personal injury claims, particularly car injury lawsuits. 

You want that expertise to encompass at least a few trial cases. It would be ideal if you could find a lawyer prepared to fight your case in court if required and wasn’t only interested in accepting the initial settlement agreement. You don’t want your lawyer to argue in court if your case does, even though most car accident injury claims never go to trial.

Research their prior performance

It takes study and a desire to think critically to select the best lawyer. Visit the website of the State Bar Association first. You must be able to research injury attorneys in your vicinity there. Make a list of a few reputable attorneys in Boulder. 

Most lawyers offer a free consultation during which you can inquire about the kinds of cases they have handled. The lawyer will give you a chance to present your case before they decide whether you have a claim. A trusted Boulder car accident lawyer won’t hesitate to disclose the approximate number of auto accident victims they’ve helped and the percentage of instances that ended with compensation for the client.

Know the fee structure and pricing strategies

Hiring an attorney is expensive. You should look for a lawyer who takes cases on a contingency basis which means they won’t receive their fees until you get a judgment. Most lawyers get paid as a percentage of the entire settlement. This usually accounts for about 33%, and it can go higher with the case requirements. Also, you will have to pay expenses for filing charges and cost for expert witnesses. 

You should read carefully the fee agreement to understand your commitments. Make your choice based on more than just the price; if they are the greatest, they can be worth paying the extra price.

Focus on their communication skills

During your case, several questions will come up. You need a lawyer who can explain things to you in a manner you can understand. Even though a lawyer who uses legal jargon may sound cool, you will become confused.

Find if their peers respect them 

By doing online research, find out what other lawyers have to say. Inquire about how much of their business is created by recommendations from other lawyers. From referrals, you can learn how other lawyers look at the person you are talking to. This will help you know more about their expertise. 

Consider hiring a car accident law firm

Car accident legal teams at legal firms often have considerable support to commit to your lawsuit than a sole practitioner. To more accurately identify fault or negligence, businesses frequently employ one or more investigators who have experience reading police reports.

Likely, factors like impaired driving or unexpected events at the scene of the accident contributed to the collision, which could improve your case but go undetected without the correct tools. Sometimes there may be more parties at fault in addition to the other driver.

Final thoughts 


While you can hire a lawyer at any time until the insurance provider closes the settlement, it’s best to do so as early as you are injured. Having legal representation from the start reduces the likelihood that you’ll say something to the insurer that affects your chances of receiving a fair settlement.