Guardians’ Season Prospects and Forecasts for Redemption

The Cleveland Guardians’ surprising performance in the 2022 season has generated excitement and raised expectations for the team’s prospects in 2023. With several key factors at play, including the impact of new acquisitions, the potential for breakout performances from established players, and the emergence of promising young talent, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the Guardians’ chances for redemption.

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Josh Bell will be one-and-done in Cleveland.

Josh Bell’s acquisition presents an intriguing opportunity for the Guardians. While his potential to significantly impact is undeniable, his long-term future with the team remains uncertain.

Bell’s success in Cleveland will hinge on his ability to adapt his hitting approach to counter the opposing defense’s strategies. By focusing on becoming a line-drive hitter and taking advantage of the new shift limitations, Bell could provide a much-needed boost to the team’s offensive production. However, his strong performance may also make him an attractive target for other groups in the free-agent market, leading to him opting out of his contract after just one season. Thus, the Guardians should maximize Bell’s potential during his tenure, understanding that his stay in Cleveland may be temporary.

José Ramírez will put together his magnum opus.

José Ramírez has been a consistent and productive player for the Guardians, and the 2023 season could be the year he solidifies his place among the game’s elite. Despite an injury-shortened 2022 campaign, Ramírez showcased MVP-caliber numbers before his setback, proving his ability to dominate at the plate.

Now healthy and with the implementation of new shift restrictions, Ramírez stands to benefit from improved offensive opportunities. With his blend of power, speed, and defensive prowess, Ramírez has the potential for a career year in 2023. Barring any unforeseen setbacks, he could emerge as a leading candidate for the AL MVP Award, bringing home the well-deserved hardware and further establishing himself as a cornerstone of the Guardians’ success.

A newly converted starting pitcher will become a vital member of the bullpen.

The Guardians possess a wealth of starting pitching talent within their organization, which opens the possibility of converting some of these pitchers into crucial contributors in the bullpen. Utilizing this strategy, the team can expedite the path to these pitchers’ majors while bolstering their relief pitching depth. Such a move also allows the converted pitchers to focus on a limited set of pitches, potentially enhancing their performance in shorter stints.

Watch for players like Hunter Gaddis, Xzavion Curry, Joey Cantillo, and Cody Morris, who have shown the potential to impact the bullpen. Their successful transition could significantly boost the Guardians’ pitching staff and solidify their relief corps as a formidable force throughout the season.

Aaron Civale will reassert himself as a No. 2/3 starting pitcher.

Aaron Civale’s 2022 season was marred by injuries, leading to an inconsistent performance. However, a closer examination of his statistics reveals promising signs. Despite a higher ERA, Civale’s opponent slash line and strikeout rates remained similar to his successful 2021 season, suggesting he can bounce back.

If Civale can stay healthy and perform at his best, he has the potential to be a strong No. 2 or No. 3 starting pitcher for the Guardians. His experience and command on the mound make him a valuable asset to the rotation. However, if circumstances don’t go as planned, the team may explore the trade market to acquire an established starter, further bolstering their pitching staff during the season.

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Changes in the outfield lineup throughout the season

The Guardians’ outfield lineup is likely to change throughout the 2023 season. Players like Steven Kwan, Myles Straw, and Oscar Gonzalez are expected to start the season, but their performance will ultimately determine their roles as the year progresses.

The emergence of top prospects such as Daniel Brennan, Will Benson, and George Valera adds an element of excitement and competition to the outfield mix. As these prospects prove their readiness for the majors, they could earn playing time and potentially challenge the incumbent outfielders for starting roles. This dynamic situation ensures that the Guardians’ outfield alignment will be fluid and subject to adjustments based on performance and potential.

Bo Naylor will lead Cleveland catchers in plate appearances.

Bo Naylor, a promising young catcher, is poised to make a significant impact for the Guardians in 2023. Despite the team signing veteran catcher Mike Zunino, the trend of catcher timeshares in recent years suggests that Naylor will receive ample playing time, primarily if he performs well.

Naylor’s defensive skills behind the plate and his offensive potential make him a valuable asset for the Guardians. Additionally, the presence of his brother Josh Naylor on the team adds an intriguing storyline and the potential for memorable sibling moments throughout the season. Expect Bo Naylor to seize his opportunities and establish himself as a critical contributor to the Guardians’ success.

Fewer rookies will debut, but top prospects will make their mark.

While the Guardians may see fewer rookies debut in 2023, the organization’s top prospects will have opportunities to showcase their talents at the significant league level. Players like Tyler Freeman, George Valera, and Brayan Rocchio have been highly touted within the organization and the wider baseball community.

At the same time, the exact roles and playing time for these prospects may depend on various factors, including injuries and performance and their potential impact on justice. With their talent and potential, these prospects could inject new energy and excitement into the team, contributing to the Guardians’ quest for redemption.


As the Guardians approach the 2023 season, there are plenty of reasons for optimism. The team has a solid foundation for redemption with the potential impact of key acquisitions, the resurgence of established players, the emergence of promising young talent, and the strategic utilization of their pitching staff.

While challenges and uncertainties will undoubtedly arise throughout the season, the Guardians have the necessary pieces to compete at a high level and provide their fans with an exciting and memorable campaign.