How to Find out If a Slot Is Worth Playing?

Playing in non GamStop casinos has been booming for years and is finding more and more
enthusiastic followers. Most of them are pure fortune seekers. However, there are a few who
like to take a more strategic approach and only want to play slots that are worthwhile.
In this article, we give some clues for profitable slot gameplay without breaking any law or
violating casino terms.

Check the Payout Percentage of The Slot Game

The most important criterion for checking the profitability of a non Gamstop casino game is the
payout percentage. This is also called Return to Player and is abbreviated to “RTP”, which is an
indication of players’ profits in the long run. If you find a game with an RTP of 95-97% then the
slot pays out quite well. There are lower payouts at RTPs of 90% to 94%. Jackpot slots often
have an even smaller RTP, sometimes under 90%.

You can usually find out how high the RTP is when you open the slot machine and click on the
info symbol. There you will find information about the rules, the payouts and also the RTP.
However, if it isn’t there, you can go to the game provider’s website and check it there. Or you
go to one of the numerous websites listing all possible slots. There you will usually find the RTP.
Check the Volatility of the Game

You can also check the so-called volatility of a game. Volatility describes how often and how
much a slot machine pays out. A low-volatility game has frequent but small payouts. With a
high-volatility game, you will experience rare but bigger wins. If you know what volatility your
selected game has, then you can adjust your strategy.

When the volatility is low, you can play with a small bankroll as wins will occur frequently. You
might consider betting higher because you won’t win as much relative to the stake. On the
other hand, if volatility is high, you should bring enough credit with you, because you may have
to overcome a longer streak of bad luck. However, since there will be high payouts if you win, it
can be worthwhile if you only play with small stakes.

Learn About In-game Rewards

See if the slot has a free spins feature. If one exists then you will be awarded a certain number
of free spins when three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels. In many slots, additional
free spins can be triggered during the free spins.

A profitable slot machine speaks for itself when it has extra features such as bonus rounds or
lucrative wild symbols. For example, bonus rounds may open up a game within the game, such
as a wheel of fortune. There you can make additional profits. Wilds sometimes have the property of being so-called sticky wilds. This is the case during free spins, where the wilds will
remain stuck in place on subsequent spins. So you have wilds on the field on every spin during
the free spins. This can significantly increase your profits. Also, sometimes wilds come with a
multiplier which increases your prize money again.

Find out If There Is a Bonus for The Game?

In all online casinos, there is one bonus next to the other. In addition to the welcome bonus,
there are usually offers for existing customers. However, you cannot cash out the bonus
immediately, you have to use it first. This is also called clearing the bonus.

It is often the case that online casinos have a free spins bonus for a specific slot machine. So if
you want to save money, then take advantage of this. Most of the time, these are popular
machines from top manufacturers, but sometimes they are also unknown or new games.