How to Remove the GamStop Self-Exclusion?

Do you want to find out about the revocation of the GamStop self-exclusion? If your self-exclusion period has expired, you can access the GamStop portal and remove your self-exclusion. If you do not remove yourself from this registry, reactivation will be automatic. 

In the event that your GamStop self-exclusion subscription has not yet ended, you cannot revoke it. It is against the terms and conditions of the UK gambling authority. However, for self-excluded players who wish to resume gambling, there are some ways they can use to get around GamStop.

Continue reading our article to find out all the pros and cons of cancelling the GamStop self-exclusion.

How to Unlock the GamStop Self-exclusion?

Despite the tremendous advantages that GamStop offers to players who are prone to gambling addiction, many players register with this scheme for reasons that have nothing to do with gambling addiction in the first place. For example, the player may want to try this scheme and learn about its services, get away from gambling for a while, or save some funds. So, there are good reasons to cancel GamStop. In the next part, we will present to you the most prominent methods that you can use to get around GamStop.

Sign up for Non-GamStop Sites

One way to get around the self-exclusion problem is to sign up for non-GamStop casinos. In fact, these present less protection for pathological gambling, without offering the classic standards of protection provided for by the UK law and, consequently, no support in case of danger of gambling addiction.

Even non-GamStop bookmakers have the same advantages in terms of self-exclusion since they do not guarantee the classic standards of protection against gambling addiction, such as the possibility of self-exclusion from gambling or setting monthly deposit limits. 

Join Gambling Sites without Verification

Another way to bypass self-exclusion is to sign up for online casinos that don’t require identity verification, thus allowing for smoother registration. This can be an excellent answer to the question of how to remove the GamStop self-exclusion since unverified gaming sites, while always promoting responsible gaming, are not forced to follow the strict regulations imposed on UK casino sites.

Cryptocurrency operators Among the sites where it is possible to register without verification, we find casinos in Bitcoin or gaming sites where it is possible to pay and receive money through the cryptocurrency system. One of the main advantages of bitcoin betting sites is the possibility offered by anonymity: in fact, you can deposit money into your game account without having to link it to your credit card or current account.

Register the Account With Your Partner’s Name

A possible option to get around GamStop self-exclusion is to register the account using the name of your partner. In fact, since it is mandatory to provide a valid identity document during registration, in case you want to play again, you can easily register a new account by providing the data of a trusted person, such as your partner.

Play at Land-based Casinos

In case it is just impossible to resume playing online, there are still many options left to remove the self-exclusion.

Flooded by technology and the options offered by virtual spaces, we have forgotten that there are still many physical casinos where fun is always guaranteed. From bookmakers to real casinos, here is an overview of the places where you can play safely.

  • ️ Land-based casinos. In the UK, gambling has very ancient origins. At the current time, there are 150 real casinos across the country. Choosing to play in these places allows you to enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and the opportunity to interact with people and dealers. These casinos offer thousands of slot machines and blackjack, roulette and poker tables.
  • ️ Pub. If you can’t play online, the easiest choice is to head to one of the many pubs that offer a slot or bingo room. With the advent of online, slots and bingo games have become even more widespread and popular, but always remaining GamStop authorized and therefore absolutely safe and certified. Depending on the pub, you can also find different game options and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for spending time with your favourite game.
  • ️ Bookmakers. Before the advent of online betting, those who wanted to bet could only go to one of the many bookmakers scattered throughout the area. This is a great alternative if you cannot access the game online. Perhaps you won’t have a large betting catalogue at your disposal, but it is a precious opportunity to interact with other people who share the same passion, exchanging advice and suggestions.

Use a VPN to Access Any Gambling Site

Another method to bypass the system and remove the self-exclusion is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access international gaming platforms. Many non GamStop casinos and online betting sites can restrict access based on the player’s IP location. An obstacle that can be circumvented thanks to the use of a VPN so as to bypass the GamStop block.

Pros & Cons of Revoking GamStop Self-Exclusion

There are always both advantages and disadvantages to revoking GamStop self-exclusion. Certainly, for those who are addicted to gambling, self-exclusion could be indispensable at certain times. But in others, it would be very convenient to resume gambling. Here are the disadvantages and advantages of getting around the GamStop self-exclusion.

Benefits of Revoking Self-Exclusion

Here are all the main benefits of lifting the self-exclusion. Carefully consider all these points before proceeding:

  • You can enjoy your favourite games: with the lifting of the self-exclusion you can enjoy playing as many games as you want, whenever you want, without limits.
  • Take advantage of the non GamStop casino bonuses: if you are not subject to self-exclusion, you can take advantage of bonuses perhaps linked to certain events or periods of the year which otherwise could not be exploited.

Disadvantages of Revoking Self-Exclusion

There are certainly benefits to revoking self-exclusion, especially if a person is vulnerable to gambling addiction. Here are the main disadvantages of getting around GamStop:

  • Risk of losing money: the biggest disadvantage is certainly the loss of excessive sums, especially for people who have limited income.
  • Risk of losing control of one’s emotions while gambling: By removing the self-exclusion, vulnerable players can lose control of their emotions and make wrong bets resulting in severe financial losses.