How to Save PowerPoint as PDF for FREE

PowerPoint presentations have always remained one of the best features for sharing the producer’s ideas and thoughts creatively and clearly.

However, once you have made one, you don’t want anyone to alter the formatting or content that took you hours to finish or mess up your slides which are very important for your client meeting. This time you might want to save PowerPoint as PDF document considering both the issues of safety and readability.

However, you don’t have to worry about this problem. In fact, there are tons of solutions for you to get this job done in no time. In this article, we will show you three methods on how to save PowerPoint as PDF file, including the ways to include the PDF notes or not. Also, we will present you with a shortcut solution and tips to ensure your converted PDF files are correct. Now, check out how to make all of this happen.

In this article, you will find the following:

  • Save PowerPoint as PDF Without Note
  1. WorkinTool PDF Converter
  2. Microsoft Office
  • Save PowerPoint as PDF with Note Included
  1. Save PPT on Windows
  2. Shortcut

Bottom Line

Save Power Point as Pdf without Note

Microsoft Office has built-in features for users to convert PPT slides to PDF. However, you cannot expect that always to work. Sometimes it gets a functional error and mistakenly shuts down. You don’t even know if your files are corrupted. Also, not everyone has access to this costly Microsoft Office software. Well, for situations like this, you can consider using third-party software to get your files converted. We recommend that you use WorkinTool PDF Converter. This allows users to quickly turn the entire PowerPoint document into a PDF file without Adobe involved.

  1. WorkinTool PDF Converter
How to Save Power Point as Pdf for Free

WorkinTool PDF Converter is a professional PDF editing software. I don’t see its name being called a PDF converter. There are more things than conversions that it can help you with. Other than the format transformation feature, you can pretty much do all the PDF-related operations on it. And, of course, it also includes the solution to convert PowerPoint to PDF format. Having said its powerful functions, let’s look at its user-friendly software interface and simple and convenient operation steps. It is suitable for users of all levels. No learning curve is needed. And most of all, all the functions are totally free to use without limit. There won’t be anything users to worry about. 100% meets every user’s needs.

Feature in Use

After opening this WorkinTool PDF Converter, you will see that the entire interface is divided into the operation window and the functional window. Those features are mainly sorted into three categories. WorkinTool provides those functions such as Convert to/from, Tool Box, and View & Edit. The wanted PDF conversion is in the Convert to/from.

How to Save Power Point as Pdf for Free

1. Open WorkinTool PDF Converter and find the PPT to PDF option right in the Toolbar.

2. Drag and drop your PPT files into the operating window or click “Select” to add them from your local computer.

3. You can also add more files for batch conversion and change the save location from this window.

How to Save Power Point as Pdf for Free

Wait for a few seconds till the popped-up window shows you that the conversion is complete.

As you can see, PDF conversion is not the only option that WorkinTool provides. Other than that, you can basically change all office file formats to or from PDF. There are features for you to edit the PDF content, organize PDF pages, turn it into image JPG, and so on. All of these are waiting for you to find out.

  1. Use Microsoft Office to Save PDF

Therefore, if you are already using this software, you can try this built-in function right in the PowerPoint. It allows you to save PowerPoint as PDF directly after creating the workpiece. However, we suggest that before you make any changes to the original file, get yourself a copy of the existing presentation first in case something goes wrong. Also, we recommend saving your work periodically while editing your current job so you won’t lose any.

How to Save Power Point as Pdf for Free
  • Click on the “File” on the toolbar banner.
  •  Tab “Save As” button.
  • Check the PDF format from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, put the name of the file and click “Save” to finish the conversion.

Save PowerPoint as PDF with Note Included

When you convert PowerPoint to PDF format using the method above, you will notice that only the content inside all slides will be exported, which will not include extensive notes. If you want to save PowerPoint as PDF with messages, you can try to print the PPT file as a PDF document. This way, all the notes added will also get converted.

  1. Save PPT on Windows

1. The first two steps are basically the same as above.

2. Click the “File” > “Save As.” Select PDF format from the drop-down menu.

3. Be aware: This time, don’t click “Save.” Choose “More options,” and you will get a window like the one below:

How to Save Power Point as Pdf for Free
  • Click “Options” for the next step. However, there are two more choices you can make.

Standard: Give your converted PDF document a better quality, suitable for you to print the PDF out.

Minimum Size: The quality of the print is a little weaker than the last one. More often used for network transmission.

How to Save Power Point as Pdf for Free
  • Lastly, select “Include comments” in the list to save PowerPoint as PDF with notes. Also, if you are interested in changing, there are many options for you to select.

Use the “Export” button as a Shortcut.

Actually, there are a few extra steps you can save by clicking another different button, the Export.

  1. Select “Export” from the “File” Toolbar.
  2. Tap “Create PDF/XPS” from the box below. You can also select other exported formats to transfer, like GIF or mp4.
  3. If you want a PDF file with notes, click the “Options” button.
  4. As before, select the “Include Comments” blank and tap “OK” to save your option.
  5. You may also set other options to help make your outing PDF work more worthwhile.
How to Save Power Point as Pdf for Free

Bottom Line

As you can see from above, learning how to save PowerPoint as PDF is not complex. Here in this post, we have covered three methods to help you solve this sort of problem, including the MS built-in features and one you can use from third-party software. You can use any of the methods above to get your files converted. You can pretty much convert PDF documents based on your prepared PPT file content in a flash. Download it and try it for yourself right now.

If you have any suggestions or concerns, contact us anytime.