How to Write a Review for The Good Nurse Movie

Are you tasked with writing a review of The Good Nurse movie? This article will provide you with helpful tips and guidelines on how to write a compelling opinion piece on the movie. We will cover the essential elements to include in your text. This will guide you in creating a piece that offers potential viewers insightful information.

How to Write a Good Movie Review

Creating a strong review that captivates readers and offers compelling analysis is not as difficult as you might think. It can also be a great way to practice and improve your writing skills while taking a break from nursing coursework. You can craft an intelligent and interesting film critic by using the guidelines provided below.

Start with a Brief Summary

Provide a quick synopsis to start your analysis. This will give your readers a general overview of the movie and assist them in understanding the reviews. Keep the summary concise and avoid spoilers.

Provide Context

Give your readers some background. Include information about the director, the cast, and any other pertinent details. Giving context will aid your audience in comprehending the history of the film and what to anticipate.

Analyze the Direction

One of the critical elements is analyzing the direction. This includes the cinematography, the score, and how the movie was shot. Look for unique angles, camera work, and other techniques that contribute to the overall quality.

Discuss the Themes

A great movie often has underlying themes that are explored in a review. Discuss them and what’s the message the story is trying to convey. This will help your readers understand the deeper meaning.

Evaluate the Performances

Assess the actors’ performance in each of their roles and how that affected the production quality. Be specific in your evaluation and support your opinions with examples.

Consider the Intended Audience

Think about who’s going to read when writing your review. What kind of moviegoers would enjoy the movie, and what might not be appealing to them? Understanding the intended audience will help your writing to be more relevant and informative.

Offer Your Opinion

What did you like and dislike? Would you recommend it to others? Be sure to support your views with specific examples. Remember, your idea is essential, but it needs to be backed up with evidence. Following these tips should do the trick. 

How to Write a Review for The Good Nurse Movie

What was The Good Nurse movie about?

It is a thriller directed by Tobias Lindholm and based on the true story of a serial killer, Charlie Cullen, played by Eddie Redmayne. The movie also stars Jessica Chastain as Amy Loughren, a nurse who becomes suspicious of Cullen’s activities. She focuses on their interactions as Loughren attempts to bring Cullen to justice. 

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Plot Summary

The Good Nurse tells the story of Charlie Cullen, a registered nurse who caused the death of an estimated 400 patients while working at various hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Amy, a colleague of Cullen at the hospital, becomes suspicious of his actions. She sets out to investigate. The story also sheds light on the complexities of a heart transplant and medical malpractice in hospitals.

The film was released on Netflix in September 2022, and is a must-watch movie for fans of true crime and suspenseful dramas. It offers a compelling look at the dark side of healthcare and the consequences of turning a blind eye to unethical behavior. It also tackles the issue of a heart condition and its effects on patients and their families. Finally, there’s a focus on the impact that such investigations have personally on people involved, especially Amy’s relationship with her children.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2021. It has since generated buzz for its compelling storyline and standout performances. As a legal drama with elements of a thriller, it captures the intensity of the investigation into Cullen’s crimes and the battle to bring him to justice.

Cast and Performances

The cast is led by Eddie Redmayne. He delivers a chilling performance as Charlie Cullen, the notorious serial killer working at the hospital. Chastain gives a powerful performance as Amy, a single mother and a woman who becomes suspicious of Cullen’s actions. She does this while dealing with her struggles, including her child’s health condition. Kim Dickens and Noah Emmerich supporting roles are very powerful. They gave the depth and substance to the story.

How to Write a Review for The Good Nurse Movie

Top Important Things to Include in a Film Review

When composing, whether as a student or using professional nursing essay writers from a nursing essay writing service, it’s important to include certain elements that provide a complete picture of the film.

Plot and Setting

When discussing the plot and setting, it’s essential to provide enough detail to give readers a sense of what the film is about. But without giving away any spoilers. This includes summarizing the story in a concise and clear way, highlighting the main plot points and events that occur throughout. For films with many episodes, like Underworld for example, you might also consider following the chronological order of the story rather than that of the releases.

It’s important to include the title in the opening paragraph of the review and to mention it a few times throughout the piece. This will help readers to understand which movie is being reviewed and will also make the review more searchable online.

Characters and Performances

Discussing this adds depth to your review. This involves examining any standout performances and judging the actors’ ability to convincingly depict their roles.

Cinematography and Direction

Cinematography and direction are critical components and can significantly impact the viewing experience. Commenting on the camera angles, lighting, and other technical aspects can help your readers understand the film’s visual style.

Soundtrack and Score

Music and sound design also plays a significant role in a movie’s impact. Evaluating the soundtrack and score provides insight into the emotional tone and the director’s intentions.

Overall Thoughts and Recommendations

Finally, provide an evaluation of the film and whether it’s worth watching is essential. This includes sharing your thoughts on strengths and weaknesses and whether it’s suitable for a particular audience.

When writing, it’s important to ensure that the piece flows well. Pay attention to elements such as the introduction, body, and conclusion, as well as the overall structure and organization of the review.


In conclusion, crafting a paper or review requires careful consideration of various elements that make up a film. Whether you’re composing as a student or using a nursing writing services, remember these points. Include a critical analysis of the plot and setting, cast performance, cinematography and direction, and soundtrack. Conclude with your overall thoughts and recommendations. Do this, and you’ll have a comprehensive and engaging review.

Additionally, transmit what watching the story unfold feels like. Paying attention to the tone, style, and structure of your writing helps you convey your ideas effectively and engage your readers. By using clear language, organize your thoughts in a logical manner. Providing evidence to support your arguments.