Is It Legal to Grow Cannabis in Illinois

Laws on Cannabis in Illinois

Cannabis is popularly referred to as “marijuana,” “pot,” or “weed.” It is a herbal drug from the plant Cannabis Sativa, which contains mood-altering chemicals.  

On January 1, 2020, Illinois became the eleventh state to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Now, cannabis is legal in Illinois for both medical and recreational use. Illinois is the very first state to legalize the use of cannabis for adults (aged 21 and over) through legislation rather than voter initiatives. 

Although cannabis is legal in Illinois, there are limits to who can use it and where it can be sold. The law sets up licensed sellers to sell cannabis as retailers. It allows residents aged 21 and above to purchase only one ounce of cannabis concentrate at a time. 

Only residents can purchase this much cannabis; visitors are allowed just half an ounce. Adults are permitted to use cannabis in their residences or places the government has approved. Marijuana cases convicted before legalization (involving less than 30 grams) are pardonable as long as no violence is involved.

Residents aged 21 and older can have up to 30 grams of cannabis, 500 mg of THC in any product infused with marijuana, and only 5 grams of concentrated cannabis. The law does not state how it can be consumed. It can be rolled in a blunt like it’s taught in Herbies Seeds Shop or blended for consumption. Either way, it all depends on personal preferences. 

Growing Cannabis in Illinois

Until 2020, cannabis was only legal for those who needed it medically, and even then, it had first to be approved by medical practitioners to prevent people from consuming it recreationally. However, the new law made the sale, possession, and trafficking of small amounts of cannabis legal. 

People can only do cultivation and growth of the plant with medical conditions. Recreational users are prohibited from cultivating cannabis, a criminal offense punishable by law.  

Illinois Cannabis-Related Penalties

Cultivating cannabis seeds in Illinois is a legal activity in Illinois, but there are some things the 2020 law does not condone. You must know what the law allows and forbids to avoid a charge or worse. This is why every resident of Illinois must be aware of the limitations of the law where cannabis is concerned.

In Illinois, the law allows each person to grow not more than four cannabis plants, and these plants should not be used recreationally. If a resident of Illinois is caught with up to five cannabis plants, he risks a fine of just $200. The more cannabis plants you are found with, the worse the penalties. You will be charged with a felony if you have more than 20 cannabis plants, and you could face up to three years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000.

With 20 to 50 cannabis plants, you risk a felony with a sentence of five years imprisonment and a fine of up to $100,000. If you are caught in possession of more than 50 cannabis plants and up to 200, you can be charged with a felony and face a sentence of 7 years. As the number of cannabis plants increases, so do the sentences.

Regulation of Cannabis in Illinois

If you are thinking about growing cannabis for a living, there are certain things you have to consider. Cannabis cultivation is not a side hustle that can go well with any career. For example, people who run licensed child care centers, after-school care, or daycares are prohibited from consuming or possessing cannabis. 

Due to the freedom of each individual to set up their own rules, some landlords ban the consumption, cultivation, and possession of marijuana on their properties. It is within the landlord’s prerogative to control what is grown in his house. If his rules are broken, he has the right to evict the tenant who owns cannabis.

Rules can prohibit any engagement with cannabis in any public place in Illinois, like a park, market, or school. The cannabis laws in Illinois allow equal circulation of cannabis in the state, but at the same time, they help curtail drug abuse and addiction.


Cannabis is legal in Illinois, but some regulations have been implemented to limit drug abuse and control trafficking. Although Illinois appears to be one of the more liberal states in the US, some moderation is allowed by restricting cannabis use to only those over the age of 21. Residents and visitors need to enlighten themselves on what the law states about the consumption, possession, and movement of cannabis in Illinois.