Men’s Fashion: A Backpack for Every Occasion

The fashionable man who follows fashion and does not shy away from embracing the latest trends in style cannot fail to enrich his outfits this year with a functional and versatile accessory, the backpack.

Perfect for the casual dresser as well as the elegant man, it is available in many styles, sizes and materials. From the luxury backpack, characterized by unique designs and refined details, to the sporty one, the choice must take into account both the context of use and the outfit chosen.

Below we will present the main backpack models for him and explain how to choose the right one for every occasion.

Different contexts require different backpack models

Men’s backpacks are certainly not all the same, and for this very reason, it is important to choose carefully what you will use in different situations.

Using a hiking model to go to the office may not be the most appropriate choice, unless you want to sport a very unusual look. Similarly, elegantand luxurious models, which are ideal in many situations, would be unsuitable for walks in the woods.

In addition to purpose and context of use, style also makes a difference. To give an example, the elegant dresser may opt for black or dark-colored monochrome backpacks, possibly enriched with tone-on-tone design; on the contrary, the man who likes casual or casual-chic looks may dare a bit more, choosing models enriched with patterns or more colorful.

The right backpack for the office and work duties

The backpack for men is ideal in all contexts, including the office and work duties. In this context, it is preferable to opt for designer models, with attention to every detail.

To make a good impression and make the most of this accessory, it is preferable to go for models with sober lines and dark color. Those who want to look more elegant can opt for a leather backpack enriched with golden inserts, while the man who chooses a sophisticated, yet relaxed look can opt for a one-shoulder, even a small one, with tone-on-tone patterns.

As for the outfit, the office backpack fits perfectly with either the classic suit jacket, shirt and pants the look with sweater, sporty pants and coat.

Going out with friends

From formal to more casual occasions, the backpack always turns out to be a perfect choice. That is why, if you have organized an evening out with your usual group of friends, you can easily opt for a designer backpack.

In this case, the choice of the right model should take into account the place where you will go, as well as the outfit you will choose.

More or less roomy leather models are ideal for an aperitif at a trendy club, paired with a chic outfit, while one-shoulders are the perfect choice for a chat while strolling through the downtown streets or spending the evening at the cinema.

For a trip out of town, perhaps on a bike or motorcycle, great are roomy designer backpacks, embellished with patterns or lettering. Durable, made of coated canvas or nylon, they can hold everything you need to spend a day or two away from home and fit perfectly with casual and sporty looks.

The backpack for college

Are you still attending college and looking for a comfortable and fashionable backpack? In this case, you can go for the most capacious designer models, which can be paired with designer coats and casual outfits.

Great are the backpacks made of Econyl, i.e., recycled nylon, which are durable and environmentally friendly, equipped with internal pockets and adjustable straps. In addition to the classic black, you can go for brown or blue models.

A date with her: the perfect backpack to impress

Have you invited the woman of your dreams to dinner and wish to make an impression? Again, a fancy backpack can make all the difference and make you look both fashionable and confident.

If you have decided to take her to the restaurant, it is best to go for leather models that are not too big and have an elegant style. The dark color is a must and, to create a more homogeneous effect, it can be matched with that of the outfit you will be wearing or just one item, such as shoes.

In case you are aiming for a less formal date, in an ethnic restaurant or for an in the streets of the city center or by the sea, green light to small backpacks made of canvas or recycled nylon, discreet and comfortable.

Mountain trekking

The backpack is a must-have accessory for those who go trekking, as it provides full freedom of movement and allows you to carry everything you need to handle every situation.

In order not to find yourself, at the end of the walk, with a strong backache, it is advisable to carefully choose the right model of trekking backpack, which should fit well in the back and, if you plan a walk of several hours, should be equipped with front straps.