Outfit Inspiration: Casino Royale

Ever fancied you as a bit of a Bond? Or perhaps you’re the leading lady? Either way, here are some of the coolest things you’ll need when preparing to be the ultra-glam characters from Casino Royale.

One of the reasons that this Bond movie stands out is because we get to enjoy the transformation from dishevelled to slick, sleek, and a bit of a heartthrob. James Bond is well known for his cool attire, confidence, and elegance, which, of course, goes perfectly with just how glam casinos are! It’s a match made in heaven.

Casinos have long been the place for people to dress up and show off. Women dripping in diamonds, men who are suited and booted and ready for an evening of delight.

Sure, not all casinos are like that, and some don’t even have a dress code at all – heck, you can even play in a dressing gown in bed at one of the online casinos available if you want! You can even research how to get some free spins with no deposit before you choose a site to play at.

However, if you want to turn up the heat and put your best-polished shoes on, here is how you go from you to 007 or his leading ladies.


The thing about Bond is that it is all in the details, and when it comes to looking expensive – the fabric speaks before you ever see a label. You are looking for high-quality cotton for shirts. And the thing about a high-quality white shirt is that it can be worn for any occasion. For Bond women, the first thing that springs to mind will likely be swimsuit material. However, when it comes to luxury fabrics like silk are going to be top of the list. You’ll also notice glamorous evening gowns in thick velvets.

Black Tuxedo

Without a doubt, you are going to see Bond in a beautifully tailored black tuxedo – because, of course, there is always a rich party to attend to find the bad guy. If you can’t get one tailored, don’t worry; look for one that fits well on the shoulders. The idea behind a tux is that it accentuates your shoulders – giving them a wider appearance. And like we said earlier, it is all in the details – so don’t be tempted to get a different pair of black trousers and hope they are a close enough match – they need to be identical.

The Dress

In every movie, there is a moment where a bond girl will come on screen in the most stunning dress – and the one thing those dresses have in common is their unrivalled cut and shape. The dresses aren’t considered modest by any stretch and usually have either leg of a plunging cleavage on display. In Casino Royale, Vesper Lynd wore a dress that worked hard – a Roberto Cavalli purple dress that changed based on the lighting. In some scenes, it was vibrant purple, while in others, it was a deep brooding purple.

But perhaps two of the best outfits we’ve seen (and the easiest to replicate) to date are the white tailored suit with gold buttons worn by Pussy Galore or the breath-taking high-waisted trousers with a fitted black corset on Xenia Onatopp.


Who is Bond without his accessories? And who are the bond girls without their jewels? There are a couple of things that a suited and boot bond will never be without – because they are as much a trademark as his drink.

Braces, never a belt, are something you are going to notice. It is a conscious choice to keep Bond always looking classic. Not to mention that they are more comfortable to wear, too.

In almost every Bond movie, you will see the adjustment of the cuffs, and there will be an interesting cufflink. The cufflink is deeply embedded in Bonds’ classic nature, and for Casino Royale, he is wearing a pair of S.T Dupont palladium cufflinks. While those exact ones will run you about $3000, you can find a pair that looks similar for a lot less.

A watch! Bond is known for his Omega watches, which are usually firmly out of most people’s budget; a high-quality stainless-steel watch with a unique face will do the trick.

Bond women are usually dripping in diamonds – but only when they are at evening events. More regularly, you will notice a good pair of sunglasses and, quite often, a hat. In Casino Royale, we rarely see Vesper Lynd without her Algerian love knot necklace, a stunning piece that truly speaks to the character of Vesper – and, if you want to nail her look, that is the accessory to get!

No matter which Bond movie you watch, what you’ll see are clean lines, good tailoring, and carefully considered accessories. But perhaps more than all of that – it is HOW the characters wear them, rather than what they are wearing – making the trick to dressing up like Bond, being all in the confidence and the attitude.