Some Olden Titles for Your Enjoyment

Old video games may be clunky when it comes to visuals, but they have a certain quality attached to them that puts modern titles to shame. That’s it’s always a good idea to go retro and see what games back in the day had to offer. With this thing in mind, you might be looking for some olden games which is where these suggestions roll in:


Knights of the Old Republic is a game that might be one of the first RPGs that influenced the genre. You’ll get to create a character, survive an attack on your ship, and roam the galaxy in search of answers. Or you can just chill in a cantina and find an NPC to play Pazaak with.

In Pazaak you’ll need to beat your opponent with a combo of cards that are either 20 or around 20. You’ll get cards that increase or decrease that number. It’s a game that’s similar to blackjack, a popular casino game that’s enjoyed online at sites like link to site. There are even pod races in the game which are similar to races and sports in the real world. These kinds of sports are covered by various sites such as Bet Station. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

In KOTOR you’ll sway to the dark or to the light depending on your decisions and actions and that way either the Republic or the Sith Empire will win. This mechanics seems pretty standard nowadays, but it was revolutionary back in the day which is why this game is worth your while.

The Half-Life Franchise

The elusive Gordon Freeman is the captain of the Half-Life franchise. It has 2 titles and 2 expansions in the form of episodes and a VR title as well. But if you’re looking to go retro you won’t need the VR title. In the first game, you’ll be late for work which is no problem until a portal opens and some aliens break through.

You’ll need to take them out as well as any soldier sent by the government to sweep the incident under the rug. The mysterious G-man will put you in stasis in the end and wake you up in the second game. Then you’ll face another threat known as the Combine. The story will continue in the following episodes and conclude in the VR title. It’s a set of games that might not look good but makes sure to keep you entertained.

The Dead Space Franchise

Horror and sci-fi are merged into this franchise to provide you with a unique experience. Isaac Clarke is the protagonist in this franchise and the first game, you’ll liberate an artifact from the clutches of some nasty aliens. But once you bring it home to your planet the aliens will come back. In the third one, you dig deeper for answers. The franchise might be old, but it’s praised for not having any loading screens and making you kill the aliens by shooting off their limbs. These elements are what make this retro franchise so good.