The Best Golf Gloves for All Conditions

The understated and humble golf glove goes about its business quietly and efficiently. It goes on, it comes off, hangs from your pocket, falls on the floor, and occasionally gets returned by the group behind. But it never complains.

And it’s not until you pull out driver without your handy companion that you realize just how naked you feel without it. The best golf gloves are more than just a ‘look at me, I play golf’ statement, they act as your swings’ quality controller, ensuring your grip remains secure and the clubface stays aligned to its target throughout your swing.

The best golf gloves really come into their own however, when the conditions get tough, providing enhanced grip in the rain, and allowing heat and moisture to escape on those scorching rounds, or when the humidity is up.

If you feel like you could do with getting a better grip on things, check out this shortlist of the best golf gloves for all-conditions.

FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove – $34 / £35 RRP (2-pack)

The WeatherSof has helped more than 90 million golfers around the globe play their best golf in all conditions.The glove’s classic design partnered with FootJoy’s Fibresof palm makes for a comfortable and consistent fit. With a soft feel, high levels of durability, and grip it is no wonder this is the world’s most popular golf glove.

Under Armour Iso-Chill Golf Glove – $17 / £13 RRP

A very clever bit of kit from Under Armour that is designed for warm-weather golf. The patented Iso-Chill technology is designed to pull heat away from your skin.The clever seam taping also ensures you get an excellent fit and another glove that offers great value for money.

Callaway Tour Authentic Golf Glove – $24 / £19 RRP

Callaway’s elite-level offering really looks and feels the part and Callaway’s Opti Fit adjustable Velcro closure just feels incredibly substantial and secure.It is another incredibly soft leather glove with the added bonus of a cotton Terry Cuff, which also really helps deal with unwanted moisture in hot conditions.

Duca Del Cosma Elite Pro Fontana Golf Glove – $29 / £24 RRP

The Elite Pro glove is constructed from the finest Italian cabretta leather to ensure the glove has unrivaled quality. It features parallel rows of elastic stitching around the wrist making for a highly flexible glove partnered with a nice secure fit.The glove features a range of perforations above and below the fingers along with their quick dry cuff for breathability, preventing sweaty hands and keeping them cool and dry.

Titleist Player’s Women’s Golf Glove – $26 / £23 RRP

Probably one of the most worn gloves in golf, this is the glove the Titleist pros wear. Beautifully crafted out of Ethiopian Cabretta leather, it performs excellently in all weather conditions and provides outstanding feel due to the thinness of the leather, meeting the needs of very high caliber players.

TaylorMade RainControl Golf Gloves – $33 / £26 RRP

It’s hard to make rain gloves look good, but yet again TaylorMade have designed one of the more stylish pairs of rain gloves you can buy.Their Element Tech microfibre material allows for a 40% stronger hold than most traditional rain gloves on the market. Basically, the wetter they get the more they grip.The gloves have all the performance you need to go and play 18 holes on the worst of days and ensure you’ll remain confident of being in control of your club.

Galvin Green Lewis Interface-1 Thermal Golf Gloves – $50 / £40 RRP

Galvin Green’s Lewis gloves featuring Interface-1 technology are completely windproof to keep your hands warm for when the temperature really drops. Cabretta leather palms and super tacky fingertips provide excellent grip during colder months, while excellent breathability ensures the hands remain warm without getting damp or sweaty. Very durable, easy to wash and maintain and, as you’d expect, a high-quality product that justifies the price.

How to choose an all-weather golf glove

As mentioned, it’s not until you feel your grip slipping, and your clubface open up at during impact that you begin to wish you had replaced that warn out golf glove that’s been beyond its best-before date for several rounds now.In challenging conditions, here are a few things to consider:

Hot conditions – With heat comes sweat and excess moisture that needs wicking away from the skin. Ensuring your golf glove is highly breathable is essential to keep that grip firmly in place throughout your swing. The best breathable gloves will provide ample ventilation and keep your hands dry.

Cold & wet conditions – Designed to provide protection, gloves for wet weather and icy cold conditionsshould be a staple in the bags of all year-round golfers. It’s far better in our opinion to sacrifice a little feel in exchange for the enhanced grip and thermal qualities provided by these protective mitts in order to keep your score on track.

Budget – The best performing gloves for all-weather golf will likely set you back slightly more than a cheaper more durable synthetic glove, but will be more than worth it for the performance benefit.