The Do’s and Don’ts of Accessorizing with Jewelry

Your choice of jewelry can either enhance your appearance or completely damage it. It all depends on you. While your personality and sense of style are the most crucial aspects to consider when choosing jewelry, there are a few easy principles that can help you choose the correct accessories. When deciding what kind of jewelry to wear, we recommend sticking to these guidelines:

1. Less is More

The Do's and Don'ts of Accessorizing with Jewelry

It is the purpose of jewelry to put the finishing touches on an outfit; yet, wearing too much of it will just draw attention away from your overall appearance. Your choice of jewelry style might appear its finest if you concentrate on only one or two areas of interest, regardless of whether or not you subscribe to the minimalist aesthetic. 

If you have a lot of rings on your fingers, limit the number of bracelets you wear; if you have a lot of earrings in your ears, stick to just one necklace, if you wear any at all. Make only one statement if you want to pull off a daring style, and then accessorize with jewelry that is understated to draw attention to that one statement. 

This will keep your accessories from competing with one another, and it will also save you from being too cluttered.

2. Find the Right Balance

The Do's and Don'ts of Accessorizing with Jewelry

When shopping for jewelry from the necklace shop, you should always keep proportion in mind and think about how the pieces you plan to wear will appear together as a complete.

Choose one piece of jewelry that makes a statement and play down the rest of your jewelry collection; stack on minimal items; or keep things simple by selecting a few rings, tanzanite stud earrings, and necklaces to wear together. 

As long as you pay close attention to how each component of your jewelry looks in relation to the others, you may add interest to an ensemble by wearing many layers of bracelets or necklaces and stacking rings.

3. Occasion is Important

The Do's and Don'ts of Accessorizing with Jewelry

While we don’t believe in following antiquated jewelry standards, we think it’s important to remember the occasion when choosing your accessories. When it comes to accessorizing, it’s possible to overdo it with jewelry, but if you choose the wrong items, you might as well not even bother. At the office, you should steer clear of wearing statement pieces, bold jewelry, or excessive layers of gold chains

On the other hand, diamonds, precious stones, and heirloom items are wonderful choices for formal parties. However, simple jewelry that is worn every day may be dressed up or down depending on the occasion: pile on the pieces for a night out, or pare them down for a look that is more suited for the workplace. If you put together a small but versatile jewelry collection, you’ll be prepared for any event that may come your way.

4. Combine Different Items Together

The Do's and Don'ts of Accessorizing with Jewelry

It is no longer necessary for your jewelry to match one another; since this is no longer the case, you should not be afraid to experiment with combining different materials and textures in your jewelry. You are now able to wear any combination of metals that you like, and experimenting with textured designs and other styles can help you develop new looks and give your clothing a new feel. 

Stacking your rings, wearing mismatched earrings, and layering necklaces in gold and silver are some of the best ways to mix and match different types of jewelry. You should have just as much fun picking out your jewelry as you do putting it on, so don’t be afraid to let your unique personality shine through.


Accessorizing with jewelry is one of the most fun and celebratory ways to accessorize your outfit. Jewelry can be a way to add color, sparkle, and personality to your style. It’s also a great way to make sure that you always have the perfect accessory for any occasion!

If you want to accessorize, jewelry is the way to go. You can add sparkle and glamor to any outfit with jewelry, and it’s an easy way to jazz up an otherwise plain look.

Jewelry is also a great way to express yourself through personal style. Even if you’re not a big jewelry wearer, you can use accessories like bracelets or rings as a way to express who you are without having to wear something too loud or too flashy.

So next time you’re shopping for new clothes or accessories, consider adding a few pieces of jewelry into the mix!