The Latest Trends in Instagram Photography

Do you want to take advantage of the latest trends in Instagram photography? If so, then you have come to the right place. This guide will help you to know what is popular right now so you can make sure that you are always adjusting your feed so that you are posting quality content.

The Retro Look

It seems that the retro aesthetic is achieved through adding grain and then desaturating the photo. The colours are also manipulated so that they mimic the look that photography can give you. Of course, popular filters that tend to be trending right now include X-PRO II as well as Nashville. One thing to know about the retro style is that it tends to give a very washed-out look with the colours being very muted. You also have a lot of light leaks as well as vignetting. This helps to give it a real vintage feel. This style has been popular on Instagram for quite some time but it has been rising in popularity over the years. Want to make your photos look great? Use the best photo book maker today.

The Latest Trends in Instagram Photography

Dark and Moody

The moody editing style is ideal if you want to create a very dramatic look. You will soon see that it emphasises dark tones and that the colours are desaturated as well. This style is great as it is ideal for those who want to evoke mystery or even an element of sadness. Of course, it is particularly popular amongst younger generations. You can find some great examples of this style online so make sure that you check them out for yourself today.

AI Editing

AI has played a huge role when it comes to photo editing. AI algorithms now analyse and then suggest how images can be improved. You can edit the brightness as well as the contrast here.  You can even change the colour balance if you want. One example of what an AI-powered software would be is if a filter is applied to an image. The filter then uses a neutral network so that the image is analysed. Skin can be smoothed out and colours can be corrected. You can also change the brightness as well if you want. Another example of what AI-powered photo editing would be is if you have Instagram and you enable portrait mode. This gives you the chance to detect the blur of a background image and it also helps you to create a shallow depth of field.

Strict Minimalism

Another option would be for you to adopt the strict minimalism approach. One thing to know about minimalism is that a lot of people use it to opt for a clean and simple look for their images. You will remove clutter and you will also adopt a very small colour palette.  Ideally you will focus on the main subject of the photo here, so try and be mindful of that and make sure that you are always opting for the best look out of the photo overall. If you can use this then your photos will look great.