Top 7 Trendy Boyfriends Gift for This Spring

There’s a good chance that your boyfriend isn’t exactly the most fashionable guy around, and often relies on you for style advice, outfit choices – or perhaps even to shop for new clothes since he can’t be bothered to go to the mall himself.

If your boyfriend’s idea of spring fashion is t-shirt and shorts, and socks with sandals, we’ve got a list of 7 trendy gifts for your boyfriend that will help elevate his style this season.

  1. Bracelets are one of the most popular accessories for men, and an easy way to add a little edge to their outfit. When choosing a bracelet for your boyfriend, consider his style. Choose sleek metallic pieces if your boyfriend suits-up every day for work; or a macrame bracelet if he has a casual, hipster, or surfer look. You can even go for personalized name bracelets, customized to suit his unique sense of style.
  2. Help your boyfriend elevate his neutral outfits with a statement belt. Whether it’s a belt with a bright color, a bold pattern, or a big buckle, a statement belt can take even the most boring outfit from drab to fab. For a casual outfit, an eye-catching belt can truly elevate a look to make it look like your boyfriend just stepped off of a high fashion runway. With formal wear, a statement belt is a little bit like a power suit: perfect for projecting a bit of extra confidence and personality into an otherwise highly traditional look.
  3. A pocket square is another great way to elevate a formal or semi formal outfit. The perfect finishing touch to a suit, a pocket square turns a boring, bland office look to a work of well coordinated fashion that makes it look like your boyfriend actually took the time to plan his outfit, rather than just pulling on the first (or only clean) suit in his closet. Remember, a pocket square must always match a tie, so check his current ties to find a pocket square that suits. Alternatively, gift your boyfriend a matching tie and pocket square.
  4. On the subject of ties, they’re amongst the hottest trends to add a bit of extra oomph to even more casual outfits. Feel free to stay more traditional with a classic necktie, or really mix it up with a bold color, zany pattern, or interesting shapes. For example, consider a skinny tie, or even a bow tie for your man. The great thing is, your boyfriend can mix and match his cool new tie with almost any outfit, so by giving him a tie, you’re actually giving him a whole new world of outfit opportunities.
  5. A hat is a must have accessory for your boyfriend that’s as much about functionality as it is about fashion. When gifting your boyfriend a hat, consider his interests and favorite activities. For example, if your boyfriend’s a baseball fan, give him a baseball cap with the logo of his favorite team. If he loves fishing, you know a bucket hat is the way to go. If your boyfriend’s idea of a great weekend is relaxing on the beach with a book, get him a wide straw brimmed hat that’ll keep the rays off his face and save him from sunburn and skin peel.
  6. Speaking of the sun, sunglasses are another great accessory that your boyfriend is sure to love. In 2023, angular sunglasses are one of the hottest trends, and an easy way to bring a dose of high fashion to your boyfriend’s otherwise boring wardrobe. Or you could go for a more classic look, like with wayfarers or aviators (which have the added benefit of making any man feel like they’re Tom Cruise in top gun – even if they don’t look exactly like Maverick!).
  7. Lastly, if you’re willing to splurge a certain amount, a watch makes a perfect trendy accessory for your boyfriend. For a boyfriend with a more classic style, consider a traditional mechanical or wind up watch – the best of Swiss style. For an outdoorsy boyfriend, consider a titanium, waterproof watch that’ll keep working no matter the weather. If your boyfriend has a modern look (and you’ve got a bit of a budget), consider an Apple Watch for the ultimate statement piece.