Top Tips to Keep in Mind to Avoid Accidents While Driving 

Nowadays, almost everyone is driving different vehicles for various purposes. A study has revealed that around 1.446 billion people drive cars worldwide. A similar percentage of people drive bikes and many other vehicles worldwide. Many people travel in cars, buses, bikes, trucks, vans, and many others. Usually, a city will have people with vehicles travelling in a line one after the other. Thus, driving carefully and avoiding all sorts of accidents is a must. Also, it is always better to know an attorney whom you can consult in case of any personal injury. For instance, if you stay in Seattle, you must know a reputed Seattle personal injury attorney who can fight for your right, in case you met an accident. 

Research has also revealed that around 340 million accidents occur worldwide annually. It accounts for around 1.3 million deaths yearly, particularly because of accidents. Even though you cannot predict road accidents, it is good to take certain measures. There are a lot of things that you can consider to take precautionary measures to avoid accidents. 

Here are some tips that can help you with safe driving. 

Essential tips that can help you protect yourself and your vehicle while driving

You can find a lot of precautionary measures to avoid an accident; some of the important ones are provided below. 

Always choose a vehicle with the necessary safety features and keep it in good condition

Nowadays, you can find a list of vehicles like cars and bikes in different brands, models, etc. Each of them comes with several features and facilities. So, you should ensure the safety features of your vehicle by checking its safety ratings. It will help you reduce the chances of accidents and offer more security (for you). You should also ensure your vehicle is in good condition before driving it. Service your vehicles on time, so they will not get many issues and works efficiently. 

Ensure that you have supervised practice in driving

Even if you have a driving license, you might not be good enough to drive a vehicle without the necessary practice. So, ensure you have enough skills and ability to take a vehicle onto the main road. 

Maintain the right attitude for driving and always keep an eye on the road

Most people, especially teenagers, cause road accidents due to their wrong attitude about driving. You should always remember that you are controlling a vehicle with a large weight (sometimes with passengers). So, you must hold certain driving responsibilities. Driving is something that cannot be multitasked with other work, so make sure to keep your eyes on the road. You should not get distracted by anything inside your car or vehicle while driving that changes your focus. Even if you hear music or talk to someone in the vehicle, never change your concentration as it might result in accidents. 

Maintain a reasonable speed limit

Usually, vehicles like cars and bikes come at high speeds. But driving your vehicle to its maximum speed is not a great idea. Exceeding the speed limit is considered against the law and is also dangerous for you. Even if you are a highly skilled driver, you cannot predict the others driving on the road. Thus, it will eventually increase the chance of accidents. Following a reasonable speed limit is always the best choice, as it gives you the time to take care of yourself and your vehicles in certain situations. 

Know that there are some blind spots in your vehicle, especially in cars

You cannot see some blind spots in your cars or other vehicles, even with rear-view mirrors. So be careful while taking turns, switching lanes, stopping or parking your vehicles on the roadside, etc. 

Do not drive through a small gap between other vehicles; keep a minimum distance

Some people, especially motorbike drivers, will squeeze through small gaps between other vehicles. Try to avoid it even if you think that your vehicle can pass through to avoid any accidents. Instead, use the horn to clear the vehicles from your path. You must also keep at least 5 feet distance from the vehicles in front of you. Maintaining this distance will save you from colliding with other vehicles unexpectedly because of sudden stops. 

Always follow traffic rules and wear seat belts

Traffic rules are set to save you from accidents; thus, by following them, you can avoid accidents to a certain extent. 


Apart from all the tips mentioned above, there are many other things you have to remember while driving. It includes avoiding driving while sleepy, checking all the caution signs, avoiding using mobiles, etc. Above all, you should never drive under the influence of alcohol, as it can make you fatal while driving. All the tips mentioned here will help you safely drive without many troubles.