US Elections 2024: Will It Be Biden Versus Trump, Who Will Win?

With more than a year to go until the 2024 US elections, Americans are called upon to choose who will be the next President of the United States. Planning for the strategy is underway, with Democrats and Republicans having decided who the candidates will be to face off against each other: For the Democrats, we find the current leader of the country, Biden, while on the other side we find Trump, the former President. The two had already clashed in the past, with the Democrat victorious in 2020, becoming the 46th President of the United States of America. However, these have not been easy years for Biden, and his leadership has been questioned several times, especially for some decisions that have raised eyebrows in public opinion.

Despite this, looking at the predictions and the odds on the next US president, we notice how the current President remains slightly favored over rival Trump. Of course, everything can change from now until election day, with the will of the population being decisive.

The War in Ukraine Central Theme of the Elections

The US elections are the most important political event in the world, capable of changing global scenarios, which is why it often affects the entire Western world. US influence is strong and is seen every day, so when voting day approaches, the entire planet holds its breath. In the last edition, Joe Biden triumphed over Donald Trump, bringing the Democrats to power; it was 2020, and the global situation was very unstable. The situation today has not changed; on the contrary, the war in Ukraine has destabilized the geopolitical scenario and the position of the current US leader.

Here Donald Trump comes in, a possible challenger to Biden in 2024, with Ron DeSantis permitting. The former American President has repeatedly accused Joe Biden of dragging the nation into a third world war, promising the population to put an end to what has happened within 24 hours, if he returns to the White House.

In short, in 2024, the fate of not only US politics but also global politics will be decided, especially considering the tensions with China following the spy balloon sent to American soil, and the issue of Taiwan.

Predictions and Date of the 2024 US Elections

In this context, it is essential to understand what people think of Joe Biden’s actions, especially after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine. A year ago, polls overseas showed discontent with the 46th President of the United States, reaching a 57% disapproval rate; he is currently at 53%.

In the presidential polls, Biden is ahead of Trump by 0.2%. A tiny figure that shows how American elections are always an uncertain scenario. Clearly, it will be necessary to see if the two will actually be the candidates: the current President has confirmed his candidacy, while Trump will have to face Ron De Santis in the Republican primaries, but experts are confident that we will see the billionaire in the final stage.

Just like in 2020, therefore, in 2024 we may once again witness the eternal challenge between Trump and Biden. The outcome of the War in Ukraine is crucial: arriving at the polls with chaos in Europe would lead to the defeat of the current US President, while a possible truce would condemn the tycoon to another defeat.