“Ariana Grande Pregnancy Buzz: What We Know so Far”

is ariana grande pregnant

The Arianators, as Ariana Grande’s devoted followers are nicknamed, are continuously on the lookout for new information about Ariana. A photo purporting to show the singer pregnant was widely circulated online, leaving even her most devoted fans puzzled.

It’s conceivable that the “The Voice” coach is keeping something more about her private life under wraps after viewers were stunned by her engagement announcement in December 2020 and subsequent May 2021 wedding after she kept her romance with Dalton Gomez under wraps.

Fans, however, did their own research and weren’t duped by the “pregnancy” photo.

is ariana grande pregnant

Who exactly is Dalton Gomez?

Gomez, who was born on August 7, 1995, is well-known in the industry as a broker. His Instagram bio states that he sells luxury properties for the Aaron Kirman Group in California. Gomez, while being married to a famous person, is rarely seen in public and prefers to keep a low profile online.

His wife has over 292 million Instagram followers and has posted over 4,900 photos, whereas his personal account has only one post and less than 4,200 followers.

Is Ariana Grande expecting a baby? Online speculation has arisen that the actress is with a child.

Many people think Ariana is pregnant and expecting a kid because of the numerous photoshopped photographs of her with a baby bump that have been circulating online. These photos, however, are phony, and there is currently no evidence to support rumors that she has begun a family.

Ariana and Dalton secretly eloped in May of 2021 and had a small wedding with only 20 of their closest friends and relatives. It’s been less than a year since Ariana and her realtor husband tied the knot. When it comes to her relationships, the singer has a reputation for moving rapidly.

However, after more than two years together, she and Dalton appear to want to take things a little slowly. If Ariana hasn’t confirmed her pregnancy publicly, despite the prevalence of fake pregnancy announcements online, she is probably not.

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How long have they been dating?

There were speculations that they were dating as early as 2020, but Grande did not confirm their relationship until May of that year.

She announced her new romance in the music video for “Stuck With U,” which depicted the duo dancing and kissing in her apartment. Five months after announcing their engagement in December 2020, Grande and her fiance wed in her Montecito, California mansion.

There were reported “just a handful” of people there, and “no actual ceremony.” A year before Grande began dating Gomez in 2018, she was engaged to Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson.

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What Ariana Grande’s Fans Think About Those “Fake” Pregnancy Rumors

Many people were confused, but I think it has been cleared up now. Let’s start by reading some of the tweets that Ari’s fans sent in after hearing the rumor that she was expecting.

Seriously! Nope, she’s not expecting.

This is obviously an edited photo taken for Instagram.


It’s acceptable if you were the one who first heard about this story and then looked it up on Google since I did too. However, the rumor has been disproved now.

Now that ‘Ari Is Not Pregnant’ for the time being, I hope everyone is aware of this. We will, however, surely keep our readers informed as soon as any baby news is released.

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Ariana Grande has already discussed her family’s plans.

The “Positions” singer wasn’t always so modest about her personal life, even though she wed in a private ceremony in May 2021.

She openly discussed her family plans with Pete Davidson when they were still engaged, saying she intended to remain with him for “months more, years less” and that she wanted “three” kids with the SNL star “Eventually, down the road.”

Ariana hasn’t spoken publicly about her desire to have children since being married to Dalton, but it’s obvious the singer wants to take her time.

After her secret wedding, a source told HollywoodLife in June, “Ariana is not in any rush to become pregnant and have kids with Dalton for at least a few years.” She is extremely excited to perform more songs, act a little bit more, and prepare for her time on The Voice.

She has specific dreams of becoming a mother that she would want to explore in the future, but she has a lot of professional work to accomplish and is a workaholic, the source stated.

You may presume that any speculations about Ariana being pregnant are untrue for the time being. The singer is only 28 years old, so she has plenty of time to establish a family when she’s ready. When that time comes, she’ll probably let her fans know.

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