Is Gwen Stefani Really Pregnant Or Is She Pulling A Prank Again?

Sahithya Gunde
Is Gwen Stephanie Pregnant?

Gwen Stefani, a singer, host, and businesswoman, is once again making news due to pregnancy rumors! Fans are unsure if the reports are accurate or if they are just another unfounded rumor.

We will inform you of the truth about all the Gwen Stefani news, so rest assured. Dive into the article if you want to uncover the truth!

Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant?

Is Gwen Stephanie Pregnant?

Gwen Stefani posted a brief video on Instagram on December 13, 2022, sparking the start of all the rumors when Gwen was seen dancing groovily and flexing her beautiful animal print dress.

Fans, however, also saw a baby bump in the video, which ultimately caused all the speculations to spread.

The brief video was shot during the shoot of “The Voice” finale episode. The main question is, therefore, whether she actually has a baby bump or whether it is only camouflage.

The main query is, therefore, whether she actually has a baby bump or whether it is only camouflage.

The internet is divided as well. Some of her fans already believe she is pregnant, while others claim the garment is only a deception.

Insiders Purportedly Told Life & Style Magazine That Gwen Stefani Is Indeed Pregnant After Multiple Unsuccessful IVF Attempts, despite the fact that neither Gwen nor Blake have commented on the rumors.

According to the insider, Gwen “decided to give IVF another go a few months ago” after becoming desperate to “give Blake his own kid.”

“She was so desperate to have a baby with Blake that she put pressure on herself, which was a lot for him to deal with, too,” said the insider.

Pregnancy speculations have made “The Voice” coach Gwen Stefani a trending topic before; in 2016, Gwen openly posted a sonogram to Instagram with the caption, “It’s a girl,” and red heart emojis.

Congratulatory comments for the co-hosts of The Voice flooded in at the time because people thought they were pregnant. People quickly understood, though, that the post was an April Fool’s joke.

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Gwen Stefani: The Founder Of GVXE Beauty

Is Gwen Stephanie Pregnant?

Gwen Stefani, a musical legend and multihyphenate, introduced the clean, high-performance color cosmetics line GXVE Beauty in March 2022 for the community of makeup enthusiasts that derive their creativity, originality, and self-expression via artistry.

“Everyone should have the ability to enjoy bold, clean makeup and feel great about themselves. That’s what I hope GXVE is for everyone.” said Gwen to Forbes.

What Is Gwen Stefani’s Net Worth?

Is Gwen Stephanie Pregnant?

As of 2023, Stefani’s estimated net worth is $160 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Blake Shelton, a country artist and fellow The Voice coach, is currently Gwen Stefani’s husband, and his net worth is $120 million.

Shakira, whose estimated net worth is $300 million, is the coach and artist with the highest net worth.

“The Voice” show has ever seen.

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